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Cole Haan is a genius

Posted in Work Wear Daily by AGinDC on 15 March 2011

Ok, so my photography skills suck...

I have wanted a pair of Cole Haan pumps with the fabled Nike Air technology ever since I saw Oprah singing their praises a million years ago.  However, until this weekend I had never actually made the purchase.  Well now I’m obsessed.  Unlike just about every other pair of heels in history, these shoes claim to be comfortable and actually are.  And not just “comfortable”.  I’m talking, walking-on-air-with-your-head-in-the-clouds comfortable.  It’s amazing.  These shoes are so padded and so cushioned, I even felt a little bounce in my step that came more from the padding then from happy I was to be wearing my new shoes.  I’m sold.  I’m building a collection of Cole Haans immediately.  And since these were 75% off at the Potomac Mills outlet, I can even do it on a budget.

Woman, get thyself some Cole Haans!


ps. Yesterday I wore these shoes with a pair of BR trousers, a pink silk Calvin Klein shell and a grey J. Crew Jackie Cardigan.  Today I’m wearing them with a grey and blue J.Crew pinstripe pencil skirt, a royal blue BR Monogram shell and a baby blue Jackie Cardigan.


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