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Most successful shopping day EVER!

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 14 March 2011

Wow.  Friday and Saturday were totally my days.  First, after staying at work until midnight on Thursday night, on Friday I finished two supremely organized (if I do say so myself) deposition binders and shipped them off to Boston.  Yaay!  To reward myself for my hard work, I left early (5.30pm is early) and rode the Circulator (thanks @DCDistrictDiva!) to Gtown to stand in a long line and wait for my iPad 2.  Luck was on my side because by the time I got there they were out of everything except the black version of the iPad I wanted!  So, after getting my golden ticket I stood in line with my fellow Macfans and engaged in great conversation for about an hour.  By the time I got inside I was freezing but a really really cute sales guy sold me my iPad 2 and the magic cover in a really sleek black leather and all was well.  Woohoo!!

I have wanted an iPad forever, especially since my mom got one first, which is soooo embarrassing, but with the cost and the fact that I never buy the first version of a Mac product, I’ve had to wait.  But now that I’m actually working and starting my own business I felt that this was the perfect time to treat myself to a new toy.  And it’s super fantabulous.  Yaay!

When I got home I barely had time to play before I had to head over to Target for a new TV and to Best Buy for a printer.  With my new toys safely in hand I played with my iPad for a bit, discovered a few great apps that I’ll write about later, and crashed.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, picked up my Zipcar (I got an Audi A3 and it was soooo nice) and then picked up my new friend TG for a day of shopping at Potomac Mills.  And what a successful day it was.  We headed to Ikea first, where I got a coffee table, dining set, bookshelf, a closet organization system and tons and tons of little things from the marketplace.  I had a $25 off coupon from my USPS new mover’s kit which was super useful and basically added up to a free bookshelf.  Sweet!  Then we headed to the part I was really looking forward to, the outlets!

When I was a high schooler in Seattle we knew the exact day that Nordie’s Rack received their new merchandise (Tuesday) and would often get there on a Wednesday just to see what they had.  That Rack is great, but the one at PMills is amazing.  The clothes are fantastic, the selection of Calvin Klein underwear is unmatched and the SHOES.  OMG, the shoes.  Can we take a moment to appreciate the designer collection?  Manolos, Sergios, and Jimmy Choos, oh my!  After I reattached my jaw to my face and I looked up and saw the most gorgeous pair of Jimmys known to man.  Camel, suede, stiletto beautifulness.  AND I BOUGHT THEM!  My first ever pair of Jimmy Choos!  OMG, I’m in love. I have literally never been so happy in my life.

After that I headed to Calvin Klein (blouses), J.Crew (50% off Jackie Cardigans), BCBG (nothing but I loved everything and would have cleaned up if not for the Jimmys), Cole Haan (gorgeous gorgeous pumps for 75% off) and Banana (30% off skirts and 40% off blouses and jewelry).  I came home with enough clothes to finally stop looking homeless and start looking like the professional I’m trying to be.  Well, I guess before I looked like a homeless professional.  I like to call it “Homeless Professionale” a la Zoolander.  But no more.

When I got home I opted against going out (six hours of shopping can leave a girl tired) and instead put together my Ikea goods and organized my closet.  And now it’s all beautiful!

Sunday is definitely going to be a day of rest for me.  Just a little more cleaning, a little bit of work, and some planning.  The rest of the day will be devoted to red wine and old movies.  I think I’ll start with The Sting and work my way down the Paul Newman catalogue.


I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow, I’m just dying to wear my new Jimmys!

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!


ps.  I’ll update with pics later but Firefox hates me right now.


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