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AG University

Posted in All about moi, American Girl in Solo-ville by AGinDC on 9 March 2011

I feel like today is the first day of AG University (after a loooong orientation).  Now that I’ve completed the introductory course, Law Firms 101 (that was the orientation part), and have started working on my brand (yaay!) and have narrowed down exactly the kind of law that I want to practice and how (still working on the “how” part), today I had to start studying the whos, whats, whens, whys and especially hows of starting your very own fashion law firm. There’s so much to know and law school doesn’t teach you anything about mainstream law so you know they don’t teach you squat about fashion.  Luckily, between my lifelong obsession, my solid education and my Amazon Prime account, as well as an unabashed willingness to email, phone, and stalk absolutely anyone I have to, a lot of what goes into running a practice and serving a client are pretty intuitive.  The reason I love fashion law is that it lets me combine my creative side (my life was all about theatre from age 10 through college) with my intellectual side with my uber-materialistic side with my fervent desire to spend the rest of my life building up my community and helping talented and creative people successfully live their dreams.  Plus, by having my own business I can do things like take time off every two years to work in election law, volunteer a lot, and shop in the middle of the day.  Samantha Jones is totally my small business idol.

So after a long day of depo prep (Yaay!  No more doc reviewing for now!  But cross your fingers that this gig lasts for a while, I’m absolutely petrified that this contract attorney job will end and that I won’t be able to find another.  Ahhhh!!)  I came home and spent a few hours making lists of attorneys to email, books to buy, blogs to subscribe to, conferences to attend, and finding one very amazing and sort of expensive summer institute that I desperately want to attend.  It’s kind of exciting because this field is still so new that I feel like it’s in the same place that I am as a new lawyer and new resident of DC and that DC and the local design scene are in.  We’re all going to grow together and it’s thrilling to imagine where we all might end up.

But for now, I need to take these glasses off before they meld into my head and get some shut eye.  I feel like it’s finals in law school, except this time the grades literally are my LIFE!  Omg, now I’m going to have nightmares.

Sigh, sweet dreams!



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