An American Girl in Washington

Vinoteca and a brand!

Well, things are certainly moving quickly in AG world!  Last night I met up with my new branding team (I feel soooo Rachel Zoe saying that) at Vinoteca, a really adorable U St wine bar with some of the most delicious sliders I’ve ever had.  Lamb with feta?  Yes please!  Plus, they have $5 wine during happy hour, so you know I’m a happy girl.

My new team are Daniel (@danieldzn) and Jihee (actually not sure what her @ is but will figure it out and edit this tout de suite. UPDATE! Jihee’s twitter handle is @ji_hee_ya) of what shall henceforth be known as Team Lombardi.  They totally rock.  Not only are they crazy adorable but they also totally get where I’m coming from, which I feel is important for the people who are responsible for designing how the world sees you.   Now that I actually have “people” and an idea and am starting to get a lot of due diligence done on this firm thing, I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s also a really thrilling time in DC fashion which makes me soooo happy that I decided to open a bespoke fashion law firm here in the city.  There are a million crazy talented designers out there and many more to come and I can’t wait to start working to help local designers put DC on the fashion map once and for all.  It’s everything an American girl in Washington could ask for.



P.S.  Do yourself a favor and go to the Garmet District pop-up shop immediately!  And then, go to the ReadySetDC Fashion:District show featuring my favorite, Artaya!

P.P.S.  I had PORC today for lunch.  OMG, too delicious for words.  These food trucks are the reason I will never be a sample size!  (Ok, not really, but I’m blaming them!)


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