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A day of rest

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 6 March 2011

It’s 11am and I’m still in bed.  This is unusual for me.  To be fair, I woke up early, did a little laundry, made breakfast and re-worked my budget about five times… but then I went back to bed.  And by “bed” I mean my Ikea mattress on the floor.  And by “my” I mean it was left by the girl who lived in this apartment before me.  Awesome.

But, bed it is and bed is where I shall stay, at least for a little while.  After a frantic week of meeting my first client, realizing I have to start a law firm, reading a 600-page book on how exactly one goes about doing that, as well as every website and blog on the subject, finding and scheduling a meeting with a CPA (which makes me a little nervous), finding and scheduling a meeting with a brand management company (thanks Jihee!), deciphering DC’s corporation registration requirements and working out my week’s, month’s and six-month budget about ohhhh, forty-five times, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed a break.  I did have dinner at Thunder Grill at Union Station with DH on Friday night, where he gave me a copy of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow and insisted that I read it.  I’m halfway through, it’s interesting.  Godin is a genius.  He’s like the Malcolm Gladwell of marketing.  I also had an amazing brunch with Lisa at Napoleon.  I love Napoleon but I’ve never been there for brunch, it was so good, we decided to make it a tradition.  It was also nice seeing Lisa again, she’s been in hiding for the last few months because she was taking the February bar but now she’s free and I have a friend again!  Yaay!  But now I’m exhausted, it’s my first day of having absolutely nothing to do (although I’ll probably work from home for a couple of hours because I need the money) and nowhere to go and I’m just going to watch Firefly and chillax.

And finish Purple Cow.

And reorganize my room.

And draw a diagram of where I’m going to put furniture, etc.

And go over my budget a couple more times.

But chillaxing is definitely somewhere in that schedule.  Besides, it’s raining.  It’s a good day to stay in.

Happy Sunday!




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