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Ummm… I’m sorry, did my life just change?

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 4 March 2011

Wow.  I think my life is headed for a total turnaround and I have no idea what’s happening.  Here I was, happy with my little temporary firm job, finally making enough money to eat and pay rent and maybe even pay off credit cards and breathe a little and save up so that eventually, in a few months, I could start thinking about doing my own thing.  But then I get a phone call from a woman at the literacy center that I have been volunteering at since I moved here in the fall.  She knows a guy, a great business man but whose lawyer screwed him every way from Sunday.  He needs someone he can trust.  Am I interested?


At the same time, a friend of mine finally relents to my frequent insistence that he should write a book.  I hook him up with a freelance editor I just met and agree to help him find a publisher and negotiate a book deal.

Then I look up and realize that I might have two clients.  This is confirmed when client #1 decides to retain me and wants to sign a contract, an idea which I float to client #2, who readily agrees.  I then realize that if I’m going to be representing people, maybe I should, you know, be a law firm??  Hmmm…

I quickly bought Jay Foonberg’s How to Start and Build a Law Practice and read it like it was the instructions for chocolate.  I then found a bunch of blogs and, would you believe it, an entire online university for solo practioners and was overwhelmed before I know what happened to me.

So I guess I’m starting a law firm.

Ahhhhh!!!!!  As Macaulay Culkin would say.  I have to become a PLLC and choose a law firm name and, you know, buy a desk and a printer and stuff.  And I have to do it NOW because I have a client who wants me to meet with him and the chair of the DC City Council in two weeks!  Holy f*in Moley ya’ll.  This was unforeseen.

When I got to DC I got an idea (which I will surely discuss in the near future) for a firm but I had no plans to start so soon.  I just moved into an empty apartment and am sleeping on a mat on the floor.  I only own one towel!  And it was $3 at Target!  And yet, here I am, embarking on what may be the most significant adventure of my life thus far.  My own business.  My own law firm.  How very Atticus Finch of me.  How very American Girl of me.  They should make me a doll and give me my own series of books.

Everything is moving fast and I am 90% sure that I am breaking just about every legal and ethical rule out there.  Even the PLLC registration paperwork is more confusing than it should be.  What’s a Registered Agent?  Am I one?  Can I be?  Do I want to be?  And I’m a freaking lawyer!  Let this be evidence of how little practical training is given to law students, especially at the T10s.

So this is it, things are starting before I can even get a handle on them.  More to come in the future.  But if anyone out there knows a solo lawyer willing to give advice to a terrified newcomer, hook me up!

Have a sunny and exciting weekend!



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  1. jiheeya said, on 4 March 2011 at 1:52 pm

    Big congrats to you!!

    If you want to brand your firm, let me know. I can help you with your logo, business card and website, etc. 🙂

  2. kirbstr said, on 4 March 2011 at 6:06 pm

    Congrats! Owning your own business can be scary but is incredibly rewarding! But, make sure you start right. Get a good bookkeeper and accountant from day one, outsource everything you can except your core offerings, at least at the start, and dream big!

    • agindc said, on 4 March 2011 at 11:34 pm

      Thanks so much! I have heard that accountant thing from everyone so it is definitely one of the first things I’m doing. Thanks for the advice!

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