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From Adams Morgan to Columbia Heights

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 1 March 2011

I just signed a least on an apartment!  That exclamation point was a little forced, I’ll admit, because I’m not yet completely sold on the whole “paying rent” thing, especially while my career as a contract attorney is so tenuous.  But, the real world beckons, and I am being pushed into it kicking and screaming, whether I like it or not.

Even to someone with my cynical nature however, there are a lot of things that are great about this place:

a)  I have a new roommate.  This is good on several different levels.  First, because she’s super nice and adorable and I think it will be fun living with her.  Second, because I have been living alone for so long that I’m starting to get stuck in my ways and this will never work if the impossible happens and I like, get married or something and have to live with another person for longer than a weekend.  And third, because it means that I can live somewhere much nicer than anywhere I would be able to live alone.

b)  It’s in Columbia Heights.  More accurately, it’s in the neon lit modern urban development forced-community hell part of Columbia Heights, but that’s better than being in the get-shot-while-you’re-sitting-on-your-couch part of Columbia Heights.  So that’s something.  I’m just glad I’m staying in NW DC and, after two days of commuting here from Quantico, I can tell you that there is no force on Earth or Heaven strong enough to ever make me live in the suburbs.  So yaay CH.

c) Unlike The Palace, at this place I actually get to buy furniture and paint a wall and stuff.  I’m actually pretty excited about this and have already picked out a fab CB2 office set, chosen a dark teal for one wall in the room and am going to buy that painting I’ve been dreaming about as soon as I get paid again.  This could be fun!

So, yaay for moving yet again.  By the time I settle down, I’ll probably have lived all over NW.  But I can’t wait to get back to Adams Morgan again.  That’s definitely where my heart is.  Sigh.

What’s your favourite DC neighborhood?

Here’s to lighting the home fires yet again,


P.S. I’m kind of addicted to Jewelmint right now so if you’re as in love with jewelry as I am (or even/especially if you’re not), you’re going to want to click onto this site.  I’m just sayin’… Plus, if you invite people (like I’m inviting you), and they buy something you actually get free jewelry.  Of your choice.  WTF?  Clearly, Kate Bosworth is trying to go out of business.  Well Kate, I’m here to help.  =)


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  1. jiheeya said, on 4 March 2011 at 1:49 pm

    You know CB2 is opening a store in Georgetown so I’ve been waiting for them to open. I can’t wait. No shipping charge anymore.

    Congrats on getting your apartment.

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