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All is chaos

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 25 February 2011

I should be used to this by now.  Living from a suitcase, complete insecurity about where my life will be in the next 24 hours, lack of funds or lots of funds that I for some reason can’t get to, etc.  This is called: My Life.  However, the older I get this only gets more frustrating and more serious.  Let me give you an idea of where my life is as we head into the weekend:

1.  After a long and harrowing battle we finally got our checks at the firm at the very last minute today.  But, since I just opened my account 27 days ago and they hold all checks that are deposited less than 30 days after opening for an entire week, I can’t deposit it.  And the bank that issued the check?  Only open til 5pm.  So that’s out.

2.  After another long and harrowing battle the apartment that I am hoping to move into finally started running my application today but I won’t find out until tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get it so I’ve also been making backup Craigslist lists to get started on as soon as I find out.  So that will be fun.

3.  After sleeping on Ferr’s air mattress on the floor of his studio apartment for the last week I am moving to an air mattress on the floor of the spare bedroom of Bax’s apartment in Triangle, Virginia.  Never heard of it?  Me either.  And I’ve been there.  It feels a little like that town in Deliverance, but without the Cosmopolitan flair.  I will be at Bax’s until I have a place to live.  Which means possibly commuting from bumfuck VA into Metro Center using an old Bronco that Bax has generously offered me.  So that will be good.

4.  A super awesome person at the firm gave me two passes to a 24-hour Best Picture movie marathon that I should skip but can’t because, well, it’s 24 hours of movies.  So that’s Saturday blown.

5.  I’m supposed to be reading a book for a new book club on Sunday night that I ordered and had sent to my new PO Box before I realized that DC is the hood and the post office closes the ENTIRE BUILDING when the customer service desks close.  This is new, and more than a little obnoxious.  So now I will never check my mail again.

6.  If, by some miracle, I do get this apartment I’m supposed to move in on Sunday.  The movie marathon ends around 10 am, I have an alumni brunch at noon, a book club for a book I haven’t read with people I don’t know at 6pm and an Oscar party at 7.  So that’s totally possible.

7.  I have absolutely nothing to wear to any of the above things.

8.  I hate my hair.

So that’s my life right now.

What am I wearing?  My new grey Nine West boots that are totally cute and probably slightly inappropriate for work but they’re new and my life sucks so I wanted to wear them and I did.  With J. Crew matchstick jeans in a dark wash, my mom’s vintage Dior button down (I wasn’t kidding, I really don’t have any clothes and am repeating.  A lot.), and the grey Jackie cardi that I’m going to burn.  And pearls, the only things that have kept me sane today.

Yup.  That’s about it.  I’ll write again if I survive the weekend.  Cross your fingers that I’m not still homeless on Monday.

Have a great weekend, at least one of us should!



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