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I <3 President's Day (and not just because of our sexy POTUS)

Posted in Just another day in DC, Work Wear Daily by AGinDC on 22 February 2011

Happy four day work week!!  Don’t you just love it when Friday comes sooner than expected?  I do.

This weekend was a great POTUS day weekend for me, for many reasons.  First, I moved away from The Palace.  Even though it’s sad (I have a really depressing blog post that I’m not sure if I want to publish) and even though I’m homeless at the moment (thank God for good friends with air mattresses!), it’s a relief to finally be out rather than thinking about it all of the time, and it’s so nice not to have to avoid the glances of a really creepy picture every time I walk out of my room.  That being said, the apartment I have on hold is tenuous at the moment and my life is, as usual, unsure.  Oh well, c’est ma vie.

This weekend was also fantastic because I finally met the wife of a really good friend of mine, DH.  DH and I have been friends for almost three years and I never met his wife but now that he’s moved to DC and she and the kids are following soon, we finally met!  She’s gorgeous and totally sweet and I’m super excited for her to come to DC so we can be besties.

However, the best thing about President’s Day (except celebrating the gorgeous man currently residing in the White House and the fact that we’re not skipping school and staging protests to get rid of him…)?  SALES!  I am in desperate need of work clothes (of any clothes really) but am also broke (although less broke than I have been), so I have been frantically looking for clothes that don’t make me look like I have Richard Simmons on speed dial and that I won’t have to move into a motel that charges by the hour to pay for.  After spending hours in two different Filene’s Basements I left dejected, demoralized, and depressed and decided to shop away my sorrows at Nine West.  One pair of $20 heels and a pair of $60 boots later and my spirits were considerably lifted.  I then marched of to Banana, bought a really cute satin floral blouse (a different color than this link and way less expensive, plus an extra 25% off) and called it a day.  Today I am wearing my cute new crimson patent leather (I know, me and the patent leather.  Just call me Pollyanna.) pumps, my taupe BR slacks and my new BR blouse.  I had to put a silk cami under the blouse to remain appropriate and topped it with my trusty coral J. Crew Jackie Cardi. I actually like this outfit.  It’s comfy, very textbook in the mix of colors, solids and a patterned shirt but light and feminine and the flouncy sleeves mean I don’t have to wear a cardi in this ridiculously hot office and can still look adorable and office-appropriate.  Stacy and Clinton would approve.

How did you spend your POTUS day?

Have a great Tuesday!



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