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This week in food trucks- 14 Feb

Posted in Food Tastes Better on a Truck by AGinDC on 18 February 2011

One of the most fun things about working downtown in a job that actually pays more per hour than the cost of a cheap meal is that I have regularly been able to indulge in a previously extravagant treat, the food truck lunch.  For six months now I have been reading about all of the amazing mobile dining options available to the average DC workaholic but I haven’t been able to try them out.  So, this week I decided to start eating lunch on my feet on a regular basis.  And for an average cost of $8, this is something I can do often.

So, every morning around the time that I’m starting to get hungry (which is usually shortly after breakfast) I click onto Food Truck Fiesta and figure out who’s going to be in Metro Center for lunch that day.  Then I choose between the options and head on down.  This week, I ate at Sauca (@eatsauca), Meathead Mobile Eatery (@wheresthemeat) and Red Hook Lobster Pound (@lobstertruckdc).

At Sauca I had the Mumbai Butter Chicken on grilled flatbread.  It was warm, delicious and buttery.   A good lunch but I’m really picky about my Indian food and this was missing some spice.  I’m not sure what, but something wasn’t right.  But, for an $8 meal on a truck, it was pretty darn tootin’.

The day I went to Meathead it was my only option and I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it.  The thought of a giant plate of meat made me feel ill and none of the sauces or combinations sounded good.  But, it’s food, and I was hungry, so I went.  First of all, this was the first sunny day that we have had in 3 decades so I was already in a good mood.  So was everybody else and people were chatting to strangers like this was a small town in the South and we were all related.  Second, this was gray dress day which made me super happy anyways.  And third, my $8 Oink Oink was freaking out of this world.  Never have I had pork seasoned so well.  And I hate cole slaw but on this sammy?  I would even take seconds.  From now on, where there’s a Meathead, there’s a me.

Today it was Friday, and beautiful and I wanted a long lunch so Mrs CH and I went to the Red Hook Lobster Pound.  Definitely on the expensive end of the food truck scale, you have to really want this meal because not only are you paying for it, but you’re standing in line for a long, long time.  This will clearly only be a rare treat for me.  But, that being said, the lobster is delicious.  I mean, really good.  And I went to college in Mass and Mrs CH is from there so we knows good lobster.  But the serving is tiny considering the cost ($15 for just the roll, $18 for the roll plus chips and a soda) and eating it felt like just an appetizer.  I guess thems the breaks when you’re eating lobster in the South from a truck.  But it was definitely delicious.

So that was this week’s food truck adventure.  In case you’re wondering, they all take cards which is really nice.  Who knows what next week will bring.  Does anyone have a favorite?

Happy long weekend!



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