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DC Celeb Spotting

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 17 February 2011

Whoever first said that DC is Hollywood for Geeks should be given a medal (after seven months of slaving away in crowded gyms in this town, I’ve decided that whoever said DC is Hollywood for Ugly People should be shot.  There are way too many beautiful girls here.).  Being one of those said geeks (hello, lawyer) I have had some encounters this week that have set my heart racing, my sweat pouring and my eyes glazed over in barely concealed awe more than once.

First, while waiting for my fake big brother DH to meet me at Afterwords for brunch on Sunday I saw (no, stalked, for twenty minutes) Elena freaking Kagan.  OMFG.  I couldn’t believe it was her but there was no mistaking.  And she was buying books!  At Kramer’s (because only a Supreme Court Justice can afford to buy books at Kramer’s)!  All by herself!  It was amazing.  I was trying not to stare but I’m sure I looked like a total idiot.  My first SCOTUS justice in public!  So much better than seeing them in a crowded room giving boring lectures in law school.  Score!

Then, on Tuesday night I volunteered at a benefit for the local non-prof that I have been working with since I got here, the Washington Literacy Council (donate!) and I saw (I was too starstruck to actually speak) Thomas Friedman, told Barney Frank (sigh) where his table was and said hello to Vince Gray and a couple of Congressman who were so not exciting after F&F.  P.S. Yes, Barney Frank is as adorable in person.

It pays to be a geek in the capitol city and I am so excited to be living in a place where I get to see my real-live heroes and not flash in the pan celebrities with more collagen than intellectualism.  I mean, Thomas Friedman writes books.  Good ones.  That matter.  Who in the real Hollywood can say that?

Geeks rule.



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