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Alright, so I’m inconsistent

Posted in Work Wear Daily by AGinDC on 17 February 2011

One of my biggest problems when teaching first grade (other than the coke-snorting, sexually harassing, crook of a principal I had to deal with) was that in place of a brain I have two hamsters who are alternately sleeping, eating, or dressing each other in the remnants of the costume closet from Saturday Night Fever.  As such, it is impossible for me to be consistent.  I would set up new incentive programs and forget the next day, set up new disciplinary systems and have to be reminded that they existed, or even start reading a new book because I forgot we were still reading the old one.  It’s amazing those poor kids learned anything at all.

Sooo… you can hardly be surprised that I forgot the little wardrobe inventory I started doing when I started this job.  Which I still love, by the way.  Mostly because I’m getting paid but also because this firm is amazing.  Anyways, I mostly started doing the wardrobe inventory because I tend to forget what I’ve already worn (see:  hamster comment above), how it looked on me and whether or not I liked it.  Since nobody reads this blog anyways (except the Rev, hi Rev!), I figured it was as good a place as any to keep a log.  I bought one of those wardrobe programs for my mac once and even spent an entire Saturday inputting all of my clothes.  Then, no surprise, I remembered it about six months later. I also started because I am constantly looking for wardrobe inspirations (I think I wrote about this in a previous post, but who can remember?) so I figured if some poor Girl Friday is out there looking for ideas of what to, (or not to) wear, maybe she’ll Google her way over here.

Another disclaimer:  One day I’ll try to figure out Polyvore.  Until then, use your imagination.

So, on Monday I wore a gray pencil skirt (my little secret: the zipper was broken but I really wanted to wear it anyways so I just slipped it on and wore a shirt that more than covered the gaping hole in the back.  Nobody noticed!) with a vintage Dior white and blue pinstripe button down that I swear my mother bought in college in the 70s and which I stole when I went to the same college 30 years later.  It’s still perfect.   And that’s why you buy designer.  I wore that under a navy silk Ann Taylor cardigan.  Navy patent Prada ballet flats.  Very college-girl-goes-to-work outfit.  It worked.

Tuesday I wore a tan BCBG pencil skirt (can you tell, I’m obsessed with pencil skirts) with a navy silk shell (also love those shells, they dress everything up, from skirts to jeans to pajama bottoms) and a coral J. Crew Jackie cardi.  Black patent Prada chunk heels.

I just realized that today is Thursday, which means I’m missing an outfit.  No idea what it was.  Oh well.

Today I’m wearing a gray v cut Super 120s dress from J. Crew and black patent Anne Klein wedges. I love dresses, they’re so easy.  I also love that I can wear a sleeveless dress with NO SWEATER because the weather is goooorgeous outside.

So, here’s another reason I’m making this log.  I just realized that I’ve worn patent leather shoes every day.  Odd.  But, I’m also still mostly working with the wardrobe from that one suitcase I brought from law school, with a few additions, so I’ll give myself a break.  This log should be getting a lot more interesting over the next few months.

Anyways, last post of the day.  I’m off to another event tonight so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to tell!

Happy Friday Eve!


P.S.  Hi Mrs CH!  To all of you who don’t know the future Mrs, she always comes to work looking very adorable.   I approve.  😉

UPDATE:  The dress I was wearing yesterday must have been great because the doorman at the Marriott stopped me this morning and said, “When are you wearing that dress again? You should wear it all of the time.”  While this was marginally creepy, the dress wasn’t low cut or short or anything and I did look totally adorably professional, so I decided to take it as the compliment that I’m sure it was meant to be.   And yes, I am definitely planning on getting more like it.


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