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Checkin’ out the locals

Posted in Just another day in DC, Local Arts and Artists by AGinDC on 16 February 2011

This weekend Bax and I decided to check out some of the local shops on U Street.  I always walk by them but it’s been so cold that I haven’t wanted to go in.  And, truthfully, not having any money doesn’t exactly make one want to window shop in super awesome local boutiques.  But, now that I am temporarily gainfully employed, I thought it would be fun.

We started at Urban Escape at 17th and Florida because Bax was in desperate need of some product to tame his ever-frizzier hair.  A gorgeous stylist, Kamilah, helped us out and hooked him up with a styling wax that will hopefully take him from grizzly to gentile without passing greasy on the way.

Next we headed down U and stopped in at Caramel, a gorgeous boutique with lots of really comfy and unique clothes for men and women.  She also had a lot of jewelry made by independent artists and she features local artists on the walls.  The current artist is Rita Nayak and I am obsessed.  I have been dreaming about one of her paintings and am pretty sure I’ll be back next week to buy it.  Her work is bright and colourful and feminine and absolutely gorgeous.  I love it.

Our other favorite store was RCKNDY, a super posh home store with lots of beautiful furniture that I hope I can afford some day.  But they also had lots of fun little novelty items and they had a fantastic NPR map of the country that I bought as a Valentine’s Day present for Ferr, who loves NPR.  In fact, it was playing at his house when I gave it to him!

I love local shops and DC has so many unique little place with gorgeous items that you can’t get anywhere else.  They also have the nicest people who aren’t at all pretentious, unlike some other cities that I often take the Bolt Bus to.  😉

Now that the sun is coming out, I plan to spend a lot more time exploring the local shopping scene.  After a long winter, I’m in need of some serious local retail therapy.

Do you have any favorite local shops to recommend?

Happy Wednesday!



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