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For a girl who doesn’t drive, I sure love a good car show

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 3 February 2011

Yesterday I got one of those midday texts that I love, asking me to do something way better than what I had planned for the evening with people who I want to get to know better.  Sooo, when Graham Cracker and Bex asked if I wanted to go to the Washington Auto Show later that day, I was totally in.  Granted, after totaling two cars and owning three that have now reached their unfortunate demise (I wasn’t even in the same state when the last car was totaled), I’m a little less than enthusiastic about the automotive industry.  Buuuut, I do love a convertible, and the whole green car thing is pretty awesome too, so I figured I’d probably have fun.

It turns out that car shows are kind of awesome, for several reasons.  For one, there’s a sweet Porsche hybrid SUV that I kind of love.  There were also several gorgeous convertibles that all looked exactly the same from VW to BMW but that I would take nonetheless.  Audi has a $100,000 car that has wifi (awesome) and just about everyone has a sweet ride with some sweet green energy features that will probably never come out in real life.  Also, the mini cooper is wicked adorable.

The most interesting thing about the car show was the cookie-cutter spokesmodels who all look like their high school counselors wrote “Public Relations/Hostess” on their career evaluations and stuffed them in a drawer.  They all looked exactly the same and had that same “I answered a CraigsList ad to get here” look in their eyes.  It was sort of hilarious.

There was also a dancing chicken doing the Cupid Shuffle.  Wha??

Now that I’ve seen all of these gorgeous cars, I sort of want one.  This could be a problem.

Have you seen any great cars lately?



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