An American Girl in Washington

Retail is hell. Especially at Christmas.

Posted in All about moi, Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 16 December 2010

Working at Local Department Store is getting crazy.  We’re open all day and all night and I’ve even been getting up at 5am to get to work.  It’s ridiculous, I know.  But, to America’s credit, no one ever shows up until hours after we start.  Along with the crazy hours, the gaggle of women with whom I work, normally quite friendly and wonderful (mostly), are getting tired and… testy.  Good times.  But we’re getting in a lot of absolutely gorgeous jewelry and I have my eye on a blue topaz necklace and rose gold flower ring that may be mine soon, even if I have to find some illegal activities to fund them.

Besides the hard work, other aspects of my life have been fantastic.  On the job front, I finally scored a meeting with my Voter Protection idol!  Woohoo!  I’m meeting him the first week in January, which means I have a shit ton of books to read before then.  I’m terrified, but my goal is to get him to let me volunteer for him until the day when he sees that I’m brilliant and indispensable and hires me.  Fingers crossed.

Finally, my cousin came to visit me this week!  This was very exciting for me, since I’ve been waiting my whole life for my cousins to get old enough to actually  be real people and come visit me and drink and be awesome.  KC (as my friends started calling him, since he’s from Kansas City) has turned out to be a smart, charming, hilarious, and pretty-good looking guy.  We had a blast and I’m really hoping he can come back this summer.  I managed to pack his three days here with plenty of activities in the hopes of looking cool.  On Monday night I threw him a happy hour party at Bar Dupont, where a bunch of my friends graced us with their presence and we enjoyed $5 cocktails from 4-6, after which we pretty much stopped drinking.  No, not really, but we should have.  Then, we went to dinner at the new Cuba Libre which was absolutely delicious.  The mojitos were amazing and I don’t remember what I ate but I know it was yummy.  Afterwards, a bunch of us came back to The Palace as usual, and we finished off a few (5) bottles of wine and cracked up til dawn.

On Tuesday we had lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl, KC’s only request, and then I went off to work and he stayed busy taking a tour of the Capitol, the Library of Congress, and who knows what else.  We met up around dinner time and dined on the tamales that our aunt from Arizona sent us. Tamales, Coronas, and Spanish rice.  Delicious.

Wednesday we spent doing more touristy stuff.  SCOTUS, the African Art Museum at the Smithsonian, lunch at the Senate, and goodness knows what else.  Then we met up with The Rev and a wonderful and charming new friend (new to me, not to The Rev) who I have come to adore.  We’ll call him Boat Shoes.  Because that’s his name.  After Duccini’s pizza and copious amounts of wine and Natty Light (and celebratory cupcakes) while watching the He-Man Christmas Special (thanks Rev), we said goodnight and the next morning, KC bad farewell to The District.  I miss him already.

Hard work, networking, family and friends.  I guess it hasn’t been such a bad few weeks after all.

How are you spending the run-up to the holidays?



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