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Politics and The Park

Posted in All about moi, Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 5 December 2010

Friday was quite the busy day for me. During the day I went to a career fair for Democrats in politics but on my the awesome group Democratic Gain.  The fair was full of panels, workshops and one-on-one discussions with political professionals and it was so valuable.  Not only did I get a lot of really good advice from really smart people, I bonded with a lot of people about our newfound love of daytime television.  Although I do find it slightly insulting that the CW’s afternoon slot consists of Good Times, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Everybody Hates Chris and Meet the Browns.  Apparently they’re the channel for unemployed black folks, the older of whom fall asleep somewhere around 3pm.

The one thing that helps me stave off feelings of complete unworthiness is meeting other people who are also unemployed.  Being around a bunch of jobless politicos was a huge self-esteem booster as we were reminded once again that a) we’re Democrats after the midterms, so God help us, and b) nobody hires during the holidays anyways.  I’m okay with being on the dole as long as I’m not the only one.  Misery and company and all of that.

While lunching in the delicious (and not too expensive) NEA cafeteria I met nice-looking young man who invited me to a party his fraternity was having at The Park that night.  I have been dying to go to The Park since I got here, since apparently it is the bastion of party-loving young professionals of a certain persuasion, so I was only too happy to call my friend at work, convince her to come along, and then spend my weeks’ grocery money on the ticket . It was worth it.

Unlike most clubs in DC, The Park is full of people who actually know how to dress and act.  Call me bougie if you will but I prefer young men in suits rather than sagging pants, young women in clothes that fit, and people who know how to have a good time without being vulgar and treating every woman like they’re in a brothel.  The Park fit that to a T.  I had a blast, met a couple of great people and thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by a lot of incredibly good-looking men for the first time since I was mentally flirting with every Marine and Secret Service agent at the White House.

Good times.

I’m feeling pretty positive about life at the moment, even if I do only have $6 in my bank account.  The giant care package full of food that I got from my grandmother probably helps.  And the fact that I have an amazing friend who just started his new job this week (yaay!) and who brought over a ton of groceries to the house under the pretense of “fixing breakfast”.  I haven’t had eggs, bacon, or brie in weeks and now I have all three and a lot more thanks to him.  Being poor together has bonded us for life.  That and the terror that is law school.

Now I’m off to do a full day’s worth of networking emails.  Have a great Sunday!



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