An American Girl in Washington

A lecture at Brookings

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 2 December 2010

On Tuesday I attended a lecture and panel discussion at the Brookings Institute about e-Rulemaking.  I know, geek alert.  But it was actually really interesting.  I’m really into Open Gov and citizen engagement and such so I was totally psyched to go.  Plus, one of the keynote speakers is a friend of my professor and is doing amazing work in a field I want to go into so I was excited to get to meet him.  Buuuut, the most exciting thing about lectures at Brookings is the snacks!  Never has a free event had such yummy pastries and Starbucks coffee.  I was in heaven.  In fact, I’ve been reluctant to get up early enough for these Brookings lectures in the past (they have tons of them), even though it’s right by my house, but now that I know what goodies await, I’m totally showing up.

One of my favourite things about DC is how many amazing intellectually stimulating things there are to do around town.  Lectures at art museums, panel discussions with heads of agencies, governors, senators, and leading intellectuals, free shows at the Kennedy Center, really cheap happy hours.  There are always a million things to do and at least half of them will better your life in some way instead of just killing brain cells.  Fun as that is.  Now that I’ve discovered the joy of Brookings, I’ll be going more often.  And I’ll have to keep looking around, who knows what awesome events I’ll find?

Have a great weekend!



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