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Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 22 November 2010

Today I discovered that some people in the city are absolutely teeming with generosity of spirit.  Because of the job at Local Department Store and lack of funds and my family being so far away, I’ll be in DC for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I don’t mind so much, I’ve spent the holidays away from home before and I always have plenty of friends and plenty of movies (and plenty of wine) to get me through it, but it is a little sad and especially now that I have a 15-month-old niece who I’ve only seen once.  Not counting Skype.


So some of the women from work were asking me what I’m doing for Thanksgiving and I told them and they were all sad.  Of course.  And then a few days later one of my favorites told me that she bought a turkey a few weeks ago but that the church where she works is giving her one, so do I want it?  Of course I said yes.  So today she shows up at my house, not just with a 12-pound turkey, but with an entire box full of Thanksgiving fixings:  stuffing, yams, potatoes, veggies, corn bread, cranberry sauce, you name it.  I was shocked and amazed, it was enough food to last me for weeks and way better than the pizza and Three Buck Chuck that I was planning to have.

All of my life and everywhere I’ve lived I have been blessed by the kindness of friends and relative strangers.  People are always giving me a hand, helping me out, and surprising me with generosity that I absolutely do not deserve.  My coworker today is just the most recent and amazing example of how I have only made it to 27 with the help and selflessness of countless good Samaritans.

This Thanksgiving, if you know a lonely single girl (or guy) who is spending the holidays without their family, you don’t have to give them a giant box o’ food, but a kind word and an expression of concern are more than enough to let them know someone cares.

P.S. Turns out, I’m going to a friend’s family’s house for Thanksgiving, which is double the generosity and means the box o’ food will last me for weeks on end!  Yaay DC!

Happy Holidays,



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  1. reverenddave said, on 23 November 2010 at 11:20 am

    Im glad my overwhelming magnanimity eventually got mentioned. I was feeling quite slighted by the end of the article.

    You should totally bring cornbread on thurs. I have no idea if it’s needed but i love me some cornbread.

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