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Awesomeness, thy name is Blues Traveler

Posted in Just another day in DC by AGinDC on 18 November 2010

Today, in the final act of the Slurpee Summit, which I hadn’t heard of until about 20 minutes before I made my way to the stage, the makers of Slurpee brought free Slurpees and free Blues Traveler to everyone.  It was amazing.  I have always always loved Blues Traveler and always wanted to see them in concert.  In fact, if the mark of a classic band is when you’re stilling listening to their first album on almost a daily basis ten years later, then Blues Traveler has made the cut.  I must listen to songs from the Travelogue collection almost every day whilst going through my daily iPhone shuffle.  So, when Rev. Dave called to tell me that the bad was playing in a parking lot on H & 11th in 20 minutes, I threw on my argyle socks and gold laceless Christian Siriano for Payless sneakers (oh yeah, I rocks the fashion) and ran out the door.

The band was starting as I arrived and they were incredible.  The musicianship of these guys is amazing and of course they sang all of the classics, “Hook”, “Run Around”, “But Anyway”, etc.  I was in heaven.  The small crowd and I jammed for a good two hours before the show ended and I walked away able to check this experience off of my long list of “Things to do before I die and/or turn 40, whichever happens first”.

As I walked away the sky was a gorgeous shade of almost royal blue and there were a surprising number of people out and about in the Metro Center area for 7pm on a Thursday night.  It couldn’t have been a better night for a surprise free concert by an absolutely amazing band.

Hope you had a great Thursday!



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