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I’m 3 years to 30!

Posted in All about moi by AGinDC on 21 October 2010

Yesterday was my birthday!  I love birthdays because my mother always went out of her way to make them special when I was a kid.  Now, I anticipate them for weeks, planning and plotting and even when I don’t do anything special it’s just thrilling knowing that I’m turning another year older.  I am fully aware that this will change after 40.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday in Durban, South Africa and it was amazing.  I went to tons of great clubs with my friends and had an unbelievable time.  I didn’t think I could top it this year, but I did, for three reasons:

1.  I have really great friends and have already built a pretty awesome social group here.  I had friends who called and texted right at midnight to wish me a happy birthday, Ferr took me to lunch at Pete’s Diner on the Hill, and a bunch of people came out after work to celebrate with me.  Chi Chi even drove all the way from Virginia just to spend an hour (plus she bought me Bob Dylan tickets so I am dying)!  I’m so lucky to have so many amazing people around me, not to mention my wonderful family who called and sang to me from all over.

2.  I have been dying to go to the new Buddha Bar ever since it opened and I finally got to go!  I absolutely loved it.  A lot of people told me that they didn’t like it and I could immediately see why.  It is so not DC.  Buddha Bar here feels like the ones in New York and Paris.  It’s big, lush, crazy luxurious and makes you want to throw on your highest Louboutins, your slinkiest dress and drink champagne and flirt until you’re whisked off in your limo to catch the jet to Monaco.  It’s fabulous, and DC is just not used to the over-the-top luxury that Buddha Bar brings to the table.  But they should be, because even the bathrooms are designed for sex (just visit and you’ll see what I mean), and what’s more DC than illicit sex in darkened bathrooms???  Anyways, I’m obsessed now and will be going back very, very often.  They also did an amazing job hosting the Smithsonian’s Young Benefactors Society Happy Hour, which is why I decided to go, and I am so excited to not only host future events at Buddha Bar, but to be joining YBS.

3.  This was my first birthday where the future lies wide open and unplanned before me!  The last 26 birthdays have always been in the midst of school, college, Teach For America, or law school.  This is the first time that I am a fully uncommitted and unencumbered adult out for whatever the world can throw at me.  With no job and no relationship and nothing holding me down, I have absolutely no idea what the next year will bring and no clue where I’ll be when I turn 28 and it is SO EXCITING.  I adore change and freedom and an unmarked trail and I have nothing but opportunity in front of me.  I feel like the book of my future is completely blank and all I have to do is write the page.  It’s an amazing feeling and I know that this may be the only time in my life that I feel this way, so I’m going to celebrate it with everything I have.

I had an amazing birthday and am so lucky to have the people and support around me that I do.  And I am the luckiest girl in the world to have had a birthday in DC.  The city never looked as beautiful to me as it did last night.

Here’s to many, many more DC birthdays!



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