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Can we have a MObama moment, please?

Posted in Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 14 October 2010

It’s no secret that I am completely obsessed with FLOTUS.  In fact, she’s #1 on my “women-I-would-go-les-for” list, for all of the following reasons: she’s gorgeous, smart, stylish beyond belief, the mother and wife and professional that I desperately want to be one day (although, with my mouth, it’s seriously unlikely) and she’s making black folk care about healthy eating.  Love, love, love.  I also really really really want to be on Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List one day and she’s been on it so many times the committee is considering calling it the Michelle Obama List and just being done with it already.

I also adore that in the same year that we got Princess Tiana we got a black woman who Americans adore, look up to, admire, and are a little afraid of (which is why POTUS will never cheat.  MObama would cut a bitch).  We finally have a black woman other than Oprah (who is a little too unrealistic even for black folk, plus she’s not married and doesn’t have kids so there’s a whole part of the Superwoman dilemma that she just doesn’t apply to) who midwestern housewives can look at as an example rather than a mystery.  And for once when people see me, they think of her, and not video ho #46.

I also really really want daughters as cute as the WeeMichelles.  Really really really really.

Well, apparently the white men at Forbes have felt the power of MObama, because the “Most Powerful Women in the World” list came out and guess who was at #1??  Exactly.  And, amazingly enough for the 21st century, it isn’t because she’s sleeping with the President and can make him vote for nuclear proliferation if she damn well pleases.  Nope.  It’s because she took the East Wing on her own terms, made being First Lady mean something for the first time since Nancy Reagan made us (well, made somebody, I wasn’t born yet) say no to drugs, and is making fundamental changes in the way we eat, exercise, and fatten our children for the slaughter To Serve Man-style. (Isn’t that why we’re feeding them that crap?)  She’s also making fundamental changes in the way we see mothers, families, women, black folk, upper arms and print dresses.


It’s no mystery to me, or anyone else, why FLOTUS’s approval numbers have remained astronomically high while her husband’s are falling like the average American credit score.  For one thing, her PR people are waaaay better than his.  Maybe they should give the West Wing some lessons?  But mostly, they just have an easier subject to work with.  He’s hot, but she’s gorgeous.  He’s smart, but she’s brilliant.  He’s charming, but she’s phenomenal.  Plus, you know, he has to do the hard stuff like get people jobs and fix global warming and she gets to do the good stuff, like go on Sesame Street and make people skinny.  But isn’t that so much better though?

I’m starting a MObama fan club.  Want to join?



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