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Food tastes better on wheels

Posted in Local Arts and Artists, Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 30 September 2010

Eating in a car is a totally American past-time.  We are the only people who really love buying cheap food through a window and eating it with one hand behind the wheel and another in a greasy bag.  However, eating food from a car, or a truck, or a hand cart or whatever other kind of wheeled contraption you can think of, now that’s universal.  I have traveled all over the world and the two things you can find anywhere are a KFC and food from a truck.  I’ve even lived in towns without an easily accessible McDonald’s or Starbucks and no sign of Lindsay Lohan, but they all have KFC, and food from a truck.

Sadly, however, there are some people who don’t appreciate the global truth that food from a motorized vehicle is better.  These people are called old.  But DC is not an old town, it’s a town for young people with spirit, creativity, and a lot of political acumen.  Which is why the brick & mortar Campaign To Be Lame is getting its ass kicked by the Food Truck Revolution.  Viva Lobster Rolls!  Viva Korean Tacos!  Viva food that comes to me!  To support my comrades in eating, below I’m listing a few ways to locate your favorite food truck, some trucker tweets, and the petition to stop lameness in its tracks.

Go!  Buy!  Eat!!


Trucker links:–  Real-time map to locate your fav food truckie petition to stop DC businesses from hating on food trucks

Trucker Tweets:

El Floridano (@FLmeetsDC)

The Fry Captain (@FryCaptain)

The Red Hook Lobster Pound (@LobstertruckDC)

Yellow Vendor (@yellowvendor)

Fojol Bros. (@fojolbros)


After writing this I read today’s WaPo and voila!  The cover of the food section is an article all about food trucks!  They even included more great trucker tweets!  Read all about it!


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