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Cocktails and copyrights

Posted in Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 21 September 2010

Today, after another morning and afternoon of sitting around in my pajamas looking for a job (I sympathize, 14% of Americans), my friend Ferr called and asked if I wanted to be his wingman at a cocktail party for copyright folks.  Boring as that sounds, it beat sitting around, plus I knew there would be free food, so I got all gussied up in my cutest (read: only) cocktail dress and heels, and met him at Capitol South.  We went to Tortilla Coast, a cute little Mexican place where, surprisingly, some interesting folks had gathered for this little to do.  I met a real-life songwriter (this doesn’t happen much in law school, I was excited), who explained the entire music publishing business to me, the general counsels of a few big name organizations, and a very nice patent lawyer for Congress who is going to give me tips about finding a job in the city.  Yaay!  Also, there was free food and free alcohol, but I didn’t drink because, well, I drink too much.  Overall, not a bad event.

After, Ferr and I figured that since we were actually dressed we should make the most of it, so we headed to Cafe Dupont at the Dupont Hotel for bubbly and cosmos.  I know, I said in the paragraph before that I drink too much.  Point proven.  We snacked on our bar nuts and drank our champagne and cocktails while watching the people pass us by and mused on how lucky we are to live in DC.  We are, you know.

Enjoy the end-of-summer weather.  Here’s hoping we all get what we want with the Fall.



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  1. Dee said, on 21 September 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Sounds like it was good you ended up going out- hopefully things work out well with that patent lawyer!! And how is Cafe Dupont? I’m always walking by it but have never actually made my way in..

    Beautiful blog 🙂


    • agindc said, on 22 September 2010 at 6:09 pm

      Thanks! It was good, and thanks for the reminder, I need to call that lawyer! Cafe Dupont is really nice. The staff is great, the bathrooms have a super high tech sink, and the cocktails are only $5 during happy hour (4-6)! I highly recommend, I’ll be back often, next time I’m hoping to score a couch!

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