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A Little too Cool?

Posted in Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 20 September 2010

For a while now, I’ve been complaining that the President isn’t getting the message, my message that is.  He’s so cool, so nonchalant, so unperturbed by the political happenings of the country, so utterly unflappable that I have, frankly, been pissed.  What good is it to have a President who refuses to act as the father of the nation?  What good is it to have incredible political results when his lack of personability alienates everyone for whom he’s actually fighting?  What good is it to be a great man when your lack of empathy is producing the Tea Party?

Well, he must have heard me.  Today the President had a town hall meeting at the Newseum, sponsored by CNBC.  He must have telepathic abilities because just last night I was complaining to Mrs. M about POTUS’s lack of communication and she asked what he should do about it.  To start with, I said, he should have more town hall meetings.  Enter:  CNBC.  Not only did Hopey have a town hall but he actually spoke straight and honestly and with little to no equivocation.  How unlike the law professor that he is.  He answered questions straight, addressed the whole, “why the hell is the right getting out their message better than you are?” question reasonably and honestly and intelligently, and, all in all, was clearly briefed heavily by Rhambo before he walked out the door.

Or maybe Mrs. O made him sleep on the couch.

Either way, he finally seemed to have his act together.  And not a moment too late.  The election, after all, is little over a month away.

I adore the President.  In fact, I drool over his picture far more often than FLOTUS would approve of.  But I yell at the TV every time he doesn’t answer a question, doesn’t assert himself, and doesn’t use the cajones I know he has.  Perhaps today’s town hall was the beginning of something different.  Maybe he’s finally getting control of his message.  Maybe he finally has something to say.

Then again, maybe I’m just daydreaming.  It happens a lot when it comes to Obama.

What do you think?


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