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Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 15 September 2010

The past few days have been out of control crazy.  I did so much and went to so many great new places that I’m not even sure I remember them all.  But everything was fantastic and I had a blast.  There are definitely far more hits than misses when it comes to going out in DC.


The morning started with brunch at Afterwords cafe at Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle.  It was crazy delicious.  Brunch is between $15-17 dollars (ish) but it comes with whatever entree you order (I had the French toast.  I will always be having the French toast), potatoes, delicious fresh squeezed orange juice, and coffee or iced tea.  And I think I’m missing something but I’m getting hungry just thinking about it so I’m moving on.

My old friend C.R. from Chicago was in town for the weekend and since we both went to MLaw we had to watch the game.  I am especially proud that the curse of me being there has lifted and we are now actually winning games!  Woohoo!  Sorry for the last three years.  C.R. from Chicago also went to Georgetown so she invited a bunch of DC peoples out as well.  We went to The Front Page in Dupont Circle for snacks and to watch the game in a very, very quiet surrounding and then for the fourth quarter we headed Buffalo Billiards next door.  BB was AWESOME.  Tons of Michigan fans.  It was standing room only and we had an absolute blast, especially because the game was SO GOOD.  We pulled it out at the last second!  That sounded dirty.  Well, football always does.  Anyways, it was awesome.

After the game we changed and headed to Cactus Cantina near to the National Cathedral.  I always forget how beautiful the cathedral is at night.  I love it.  I also loved the food at the Cantina.  I had the best chimichanga that I have had in a very long time.  Plus the margaritas were delicious, so you know I’m going back.  The prices were pretty good too.  $6 for a margarita and $10 for my chimichanga.  I can hang with that.

Post-meal we headed to a house party that someone who knew someone who knew someone was throwing.  There happened to be a simultaneous soiree in the brownstone next door and they have a very low fence so we got two parties for the price of one!  I had a blast and headed home happy and having made a few new friends.


Sunday morning I was supposed to get up and watch a guy we met on Saturday in the triathlon on the Mall.  Buuuuuttt, it was raining and cold and I decided that I wasn’t going to get pneumonia to cheer on a total stranger.  Had I known that Fenty was ruining any small chance he had of winning by running in that race rather than the one he was running against Gray (who was behaving like a man who did want to win and speaking at churches all morning), I might have gone.  No, actually, probably not.

My Sunday started late and I didn’t leave the house until it was time to watch cutie pie Nadal kick ass at the final.  I met a friend at Slaviya on 18th, which is definitely run by the KGB, probably has Russian sex slaves in the back, and has seats at the bar that are so comfortable, I didn’t care, even after I saw the super suspicious bottles of wine under the stage. Whatever.  The french fries with feta and walnut tzatziki and sangria were faaabulous.  I can look the other way.

Sadly, the weather in New York wasn’t nearly as nice as the weather at home, so after meandering up the street and stopping to finally explore Skynear, an adorable little shop with furniture and jewelry and trinkets and whatnot, I went home for more Doctor Who.


Monday started with boring training at Local Department Store, where I will be working part-time until I find an actual job.  I actually don’t mind working there, I love a good discount, but since this is the only place that will overlook the fact that I am waaaay overqualified for entry-level retail/hospitality work, I have decided I have to find an actual job in a field that would at least use 1/10th of my degree.  I am not happy about this.

After training I was pretty pooped so I went to Pentagon City to do some styling for a friend (The Limited has some great coupons and some really cute new stuff in if you need something cheap and trendy for a layer/weekend.  Also, through today they’re having a “buy a jacket, get a skirt/pant free” event.  Have you noticed that Limited doesn’t seem to know who they are?  They had a blazer made of polyester and razor wire that cost $228!  Know your place Limited.).  Then I went home and chilled with the Doctor.


Elections!  On Monday I found out about a candidate for a local race in MD who was looking for volunteers to work the polls for him.  I need the money and actually love sitting at polls on election day so I wrote and they called and at 5am on Tuesday morning I found myself sitting on the red line headed to Silver Spring.  Yawn.  But, it was fun and I met some great people and some local candidates that remind me of why I love local politics so much.  So sincere.  So arrogant.  So too-nice-for-the-big-leagues.  So American.  By the time I got on the red line going home at 9pm I was exhausted and I could barely slice up an apple before I was dead to the world.  Good thing, because I had training the next morning and K-dawg (my trainer) takes no pity.

So, that was the long weekend.  I’m not at all surprised the Fenty lost, but I can’t imagine that he is either.  He and I will both be keeping low profiles this week.  Him because he’s humiliated, me because I am broke and will spend the whole week looking for a job.  Good times.

Have a great hump day!


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