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FNO Amazingness

Posted in Local Arts and Artists by AGinDC on 11 September 2010

Fashion’s Night Out in Georgetown was so. much. fun.  Seriously, Georgetown put on a fantastic show!  The weather was absolutely perfect, clear skies and weather just cool enough to allow for a great coat or scarf.  I was finally able to break out my chunky Amrita Singh necklace, new J. Crew schoolboy blazer and navy and gold patent leather Prada flats.  Yaay for autumn!  It was so much fun seeing everyone in town all dressed up and out for a serious night of shopping.  I love it when adults get to dress up like it’s prom (and it’s not for some boring rubber chicken banquet).  All of the ladies really went the extra mile, the heels were high, the outfits were well thought out, and even Raph pulled out the lipstick!  The customers definitely made the same effort as the stores which really made it fun for everybody.

Georgetown, of course, has the perfect shopping set up, and almost all of the stores participated and tried to make the evening special.  Kate Spade wins for best decorations, the gold and pink streamers and decos were super cute and festive and even convinced my Kate Spade-hating friend Raph to go in, where, I am pleased to announce, she found several items that caught her fancy.  A convert! Yaay!  Dean and Deluca wins for best DJ, although I have to give it up for Vineyard Vines, which was surprisingly poppin’ considering it’s the preppiest store in the history of mankind.  We actually hung around looking at adorable little sailing outfits that I wanted to steal for my niece, Bella.  Georgetown Optical wins for best glasses trunk show (Oliver Peoples) and easiest availability of champagne (right by the door) and SEE wins for most talented optical salesmen ever.  Can you tell that Raph and I are both blind?  Diesel wins for offering free beer, which I’m sure the dudes appreciated (who am I kidding? I loved my Stella!).  Artistic Aya definitely wins for best local designer.  Her little shop was adorable.  It was small but ambitious and even though she had very few items on display, each one was absolutely perfect and showed that she clearly designs with a lot of passion and flair.  I saw at least five things that I would have bought if I wasn’t a broke recent grad.  And apparently she has a lot of fans because when we were there (after we made a beeline for the delicious snacks and wine, we were starving!) she was surrounded by people!  Oh, and Thunder wins for most amazingly delicious burger that I ate all of even though it made me feel sick because it was too good to stop. Seriously, sooooo good.

There are several reasons why FNO is better in Georgetown than in New York and it can all be boiled down to the fact that there are fewer people (by millions).  That meant there was plenty of room to walk around and see all of the stores.  There was plenty to eat and drink at each place because they didn’t run out as quickly.  Everyone working in the stores was clearly super excited about having FNO and no one could have been nicer.  Plus, there weren’t any models running around so women didn’t have to feel completely inadequate on a night that was all about shopping!  The only sad thing about FNO Georgetown is that it had to end, but Raph and I have already decided to start a savings account just for next year’s event.  I can’t wait!!

Last night Raph and I kept reflecting on how happy we are that we moved to DC, and how happy we are that we came together.  There’s nothing better than friends and fashion in a fabulous city, and last night made me think that I could actually stay here forever.

Thank you FNO Georgetown!  See you next year!



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