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A stream of consciousness review of RHofDC: Episode 5

Posted in Real Housewives of DC by AGinDC on 10 September 2010

Thank you Hulu for posting the new ep immediately for those of us without cable!

Here goes:

Stacie is a hot mess.  “By who? By who?”!

The FBI was investigating who?? Tareq?  The CAR?  Puh-lease.  Wigga, the FBI is not investigating the loss of your hooptie and brokeback saddle.

This is the dinner party from hell.  Are they at the Hotel California?

Tareq and Michaele are Stepford gone wrong.  I think they’re both robots.

Stacie’s hubby is a great guy.  It’s cute how he got all poppa bear about this.

Nails and gossip!  Is Stacie going to dish.  Oh yes she is.

No one but the Salahis Lynda, no one but them.

Cat often has Lauren Conrad-like observations.  Remarkably profound for someone so ridiculous.

“Man Rules”?? Do those exist outside of Bud Light commercials?

You can tell Mary is a good mom because Lolly sounds like the parent right now.

Ummm… your assistant is your best friend because you’re paying her to be your friend???

Michaela’s fake ass hair is giving me a headache.

M, if you were Cinderella, the Prince would have given you back.  And on, Tareq is no prince.

You should know M.  Have you checked out the power of REALITY TV???  Of course, that would require a basic concept of reality, so…. nm

I love that Mary is flipping through a Chanel lookbook during this scene

Is Lynda ever not drinking?  Respect.

So THAT’S what goes on in the Mayflower.  Boring.

Cat’s a bitch, but she’s right.  I’m a lot like her actually.  Except without the totally egregious wrongness of it all.  I hope.

Edwina can barely say that shit with a straight face.

Ok, Cat just won some points.  Dying breed. Hilaaarious.

LOVE Stacie’s interview dress!  Go ‘head girl, with the blue satin and the big flower lookin’ all Michelle Obama like.

Ha!  Stacie at dinner.  So polite.

OMG!  The reverse racism face!  Matched mine EXACTLY!  Even Ebong had to give Lynda the side eye.

Only a white woman would say that shit.

Stop smirking Stacie, LOL.

Why do Lynda’s 24 year old children still live at home?  Like, ALL of them.

YES!  So true.  Plain clothes, plain people.  Thank you Cat.  I still hate you, but we’re cool about the Republicans.

No wonder Cat got divorced, she seems to be actively trying to ruin her husband’s career.

Jason’s look:  Says. It. All.

Oh Jesus, she did not wear that dress to her wedding.

That’s a low budget even right there.  I’ve had classier BBQs.

Ummm… Is Stacie anti-gay marriage?  Say it ain’t so.  I was just starting to like you!

Cat did NOT do that!  Did he let her do that?  He must be tired of his job too.

OMG, did Tareq kill Edwina?  Noooooo!!!!

They’re all going to feel real bad about those snarky comments pretty soon.

No black man! Please don’t flirt with Michaela on network television!  And the hair! Really?  Is there anyone who is not embarrassing themselves at this party?  Besides S&J of course.

Perfect ending line.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The End… until next week.  Dum dum DUMMMMMM….


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