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Posted in Local Arts and Artists by AGinDC on 8 September 2010

The only thing I hate about magazines is having to wait a whole month for a new issue.  It kills me!  I have no patience.  But the thrill of opening the crisp pages of a new glossy after 29 days of anticipation is completely worth the wait.  So, yesterday I was thrilled to see the new DC Mag stacked four feet high in the foyer of Mint (my gym).  I saved it for when I finally snuggled into my sheets (fashion mags are best read in bed, preferably with a glass of white) and delved in.

Most of the magazine was about interior designers, which was interesting but completely irrelevant to me since I have absolutely no control over the decor of The Palace.  However, at the back there was a feature about a DC native who just arrived in town from NYC, where she graduated from FIT (so I already love her). Her name is Tashia Senn and O.M.G.  I love her.  The DC Mag article was a great introduction but didn’t really show any of her clothes.  So, I immediately phone-Googled her and then actually got out of bed to real Google her because the collection was just too small on my tiny iPhone screen.  About three pictures into her fall collection, I decided: I absolutely adore this chick’s designs.

Her Fall ’10 collection is gorgeous.  It’s completely Mad Men chic, but in a more feminine and (dare I say it) conservative way than a lot of the other collections that are coming out.  Gray, camel and plaid are huge this fall and Senn uses all of them extensively in her collection.  What makes her different are the gentle folds of fabric, the high necklines, the tiny details like lace belts and brass buttons, and the sheer wearability of it all.  There isn’t a single piece in her collection that I can’t see being worn on the streets of the most fashionable cities and all but a few made-for-Amber-Rose pieces are absolutely perfect for DC, where women have to be fashionable but conservative, feminine but in charge.  I’m also a sucker for sequins and lace and Senn has a couple of cocktail dresses and ball gowns that would be perfect for any DC soiree.  Nothing in her collection is inappropriately flashy, revealing, or provocative.  Everything in her collection is sexy and oozes class, confidence, and sophistication.

Senn says in the article that she, like everyone else on this planet and probably several solar systems, would die to dress Mrs. O.  Unlike most designers though, Senn’s conservative but sophisticated styling, her patterns that compliment but don’t overwhelm, the sheer femininity of the clothing, and the fact that even the models on her site are real women and not half-starved teenage meth addicts all point to a serious likelihood of gaining FLOTUS’ attention.  As for me, I’ll be saving my pennies so that as soon as Senn’s designs are available for public consumption (I emailed the sales department to find out exactly when that will be, I’ll keep you posted), I can buy a couple of the pieces that I was dreaming about last night.

Another DC designer win!


P.S. Fashion’s Night Out is in Georgetown on Friday night!  I can’t wait, I hope you all can make it out!


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  1. mahoganie said, on 9 September 2010 at 1:44 am

    I must share this with her. She’ll be delighted. I saw that you are following me on Twitter. Thanks for the follow. 😉 Also, I have some photos (not real professional) of some of her shows/work. By the way.. I’m one of her relatives. 😉 – Mahoganie Jade.

    • agindc said, on 9 September 2010 at 10:46 am

      What?? You’re related? As in “access-to-super-ah-mah-zing-clothes”?? So jealous. And yes, I would love love love any pics, I’ll post them up here if I can. I’m completely crazy about her designs, I’m sure FLOTUS will snap her up in five minutes. Thanks!

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