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Labor Day at The Palace

Posted in The Palace by AGinDC on 7 September 2010

I had my first party at The Palace yesterday!

Since it was Labor Day I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a BBQ in the Secret Garden, which is what I’ve dubbed the huge, lush, incredible garden at The Palace.  I only have four friends in town, all from Michigan, but I rang them up and some of them brought people and the neighbors from the apartment next door joined in et voila!  A party!

The Garden is incredible.  First, there’s a huge finished patio with a beautiful glass table and perfect lighting.  Then there’s the Garden.  It has a gazebo that Raph and I decided we want to get married in, two grills (because sometimes the gas one runs out of gas), a ton of chairs and benches and little step stools/seats for gnomes, and a giant hammock under the layered shade of three trees and all in all, general perfection.

I found the cutest yellow picnicware in the bowels of The Palace kitchen as well as several fantastic pottery bowls and I set them up with navy blue placemats and corkboard pot holders.  I’m describing this in such detail because I was having so much fun decorating that I forgot to take pictures.  Oops.  I also found a huge navy blue Le Creuset pot that I filled with Corona Lights (an Arizona girl’s beer of choice) which was completely adorable.  I made some Bush’s baked beans (yum) and my mom’s fruit salad, threw some Johnsonville Brats on the grill to get us started, added a little Ben Webster on my MB Pro for ambience and the party was ready to begin.

I love throwing parties and now that I have this incredible house I plan to do so more often.  A couple of people suggested that I get a projector and have movie nights outside (yes, the patio is that big) and I’m thinking of doing it.  The Palace Film Festival!  I love it!  And next time I’ll be sure to take pictures…

I hope you had a great Labor Day!  This is the best city for national holidays after all.



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