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The glories of free time

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 5 September 2010

Today marks my first full month in DC!  It’s amazing to me that it’s only been a month, I actually had to go back and count.  I feel like I have been here forever, and like The Palace has been my home since childhood.  I guess that’s the beauty of being a gypsy.  You’re pretty much at home anywhere at once.

For the last few weeks, after the heady thrill of a meeting at the White House in my first week and the excitement of moving into a majestic new house (which I was told last night I should say is in Kalorama and not Adams Morgan because it sounds better.  But I think when you’re 26, unemployed, and squatting in somebody else’s mansion, Adams Morgan is just about right) I have mostly been sitting around watching Top Gear and Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix Watch Instantly, reading like I haven’t read since 1L (except this time I’m actually enjoying it) and getting back in shape after a long summer of studying for the bar and not doing much else.  Two weeks ago I started thinking about applying for menial jobs and I even got good vibes from one place (we’ll call it Boutique Hotel) before the Human Resources person went on vacay (she’s still not back) and on Wednesday I was hired by Local Department Store, where I finally decided to apply a few weeks after writing the post about it (see below).  And so, as my lounging days are about to end and I head out into the world of work-that-I-am-seriously-overqualified-for-and-could-do-in-my-sleep, I have been spending my last few days of freedom doing what I do best.  Absolutely nothing.

Part of the point of this easy living was to work on one of the many books that I started planning while sitting in Criminal Law and Enterprise Organizations and realizing that they had less than nothing to do with my life and never would.  However, like most people, when I had nothing to do, it was difficult to do anything.  I think my brain was still recovering from the bar.  In fact, I felt bad until I spoke to a lot of my friends who are equally rotting away on their couches.  It’s a slow recovery.  But after a month of making homemade sauces that I could buy in jars and wearing a hole in my pajama bottoms, I’m ready to get up and get started.  The fact that I’m turning 27 in a month and a half and will thus only be three years from 30 is a strong, STRONG motivating factor.  But the break has been good.  I feel energized, refreshed, and absolutely twitching to get going.  I have never been so anxious to be active in my life.  Of course, I’ve never had this much time with nothing to do either.

Another great thing about having all of this time in DC is that I’ve been able to talk to people, read the paper, catch up on thousands of blogs and tweets and start to understand the current vibe in the city: what people are talking about, where they’re going, and how I might possibly fit.  I have tons of ideas, ways to get involved and services that I could provide that don’t seem to be out there and now that I don’t have any real commitments I can actually do all of the things I want rather than just filing the ideas in the little pink file cabinet in my head.  It’s fantastic.  It’s exciting.  And it’s about time I get off my ass and do something about it.

Fired up and ready to go,


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