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Food tastes better on wheels

Posted in Local Arts and Artists, Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 30 September 2010

Eating in a car is a totally American past-time.  We are the only people who really love buying cheap food through a window and eating it with one hand behind the wheel and another in a greasy bag.  However, eating food from a car, or a truck, or a hand cart or whatever other kind of wheeled contraption you can think of, now that’s universal.  I have traveled all over the world and the two things you can find anywhere are a KFC and food from a truck.  I’ve even lived in towns without an easily accessible McDonald’s or Starbucks and no sign of Lindsay Lohan, but they all have KFC, and food from a truck.

Sadly, however, there are some people who don’t appreciate the global truth that food from a motorized vehicle is better.  These people are called old.  But DC is not an old town, it’s a town for young people with spirit, creativity, and a lot of political acumen.  Which is why the brick & mortar Campaign To Be Lame is getting its ass kicked by the Food Truck Revolution.  Viva Lobster Rolls!  Viva Korean Tacos!  Viva food that comes to me!  To support my comrades in eating, below I’m listing a few ways to locate your favorite food truck, some trucker tweets, and the petition to stop lameness in its tracks.

Go!  Buy!  Eat!!


Trucker links:–  Real-time map to locate your fav food truckie petition to stop DC businesses from hating on food trucks

Trucker Tweets:

El Floridano (@FLmeetsDC)

The Fry Captain (@FryCaptain)

The Red Hook Lobster Pound (@LobstertruckDC)

Yellow Vendor (@yellowvendor)

Fojol Bros. (@fojolbros)


After writing this I read today’s WaPo and voila!  The cover of the food section is an article all about food trucks!  They even included more great trucker tweets!  Read all about it!


Making Emily Post proud

Posted in Local Arts and Artists by AGinDC on 28 September 2010

In the days before Facebook, Army brats like me had a serious dilemma.  We were constantly making friends and moving, making friends and moving, over and over.  Every summer we left our old homes for new ones and there was no simple internet social networking tool to help us keep in touch with intercontinental friends.  Heck, there was no internet.  Back in those days, the good ol’ days with the snow and the hills both ways and the potatoes in our pockets to warm us on the walk and then be eaten for lunch etc. etc. etc., in those days we had to use something that no pre-adolescent in today has ever heard of:  stationery.

Yep, as a child my mother would make us sit down and write actual letters.  With pens and envelopes and stamps and everything.  It was divine.  You’ll never get a letter, my mother would always say, if you don’t send one.  And, since getting mail is the best thing ever, my brother and I would send send send.  To this day, I hate my handwriting and adore stationery, and quite often sending little handwritten thank you and “I’m thinking of you” cards has reaped rewards even better than the thrill and satisfaction that I get from little Kate Spade and Smythson & Bond and Crane boxes full of cards and personalized paper.

So, imagine my thrill when I discovered an adorable little shop in Friendship Heights called Write For You.  How cute is that?  The shop is run by two lovely ladies who do everything from print personalized cards and invites in-house (who does that anymore?) to offering all of the best name brand stationery for special order.  Plus, of course, they have tons of adorable cards and gifts and stationeryesque products that you just don’t see anywhere else.  They pride themselves on finding great products that no one else carries and I quickly made a list of about 45 things I absolutely have to have, immediately.

I love finding wonderful local stores run by really good people. I also love anything that helps me connect with the people I care about and those I want to get to know better.  Write For You combines those two loves into one delightful little package and I can’t wait to go back.  They’re totally worth the four stops on the Red Line.

Go!  Visit!  Write!



Write For You

3807 McKinley St. NW

Washington, DC 20018


A stream of consciousness review of RHofDC: Episodes 6 & 7

Posted in Real Housewives of DC by AGinDC on 24 September 2010

These two episodes made me question, yet again, the sanity of anyone who volunteers for a reality TV show.  The mind reels.  (Salahis, I’m not talking to you.  You, I get.)  Anyways, my pen was moving like a fat girl watching a Tae Bo infomercial.

So here goes.

Episode 6:

That biometric lock is why I’m not having children of the female variety.  Orrrr… I’ll just discipline them.  Yeah, that’ll work.

7 years!  Honey, it’s not working.

Stacie!  Nooooo!! Do not get caught up with these people!

Nothing to say about Lynda.  This storyline just is not interesting when she’s sober.

I wonder how in debt M & T are.

Yes, Stacie, that’s my question too.  Who are they stealing from?

Yeah right, they don’t know 200-250 people.  Who are they throwing these parties for?  The cops who keep showing up on their doorstep?

Puh-lease.  You can’t afford no $12 million house.

Stacie is so smart, I’m using her when I make my millions and get a DC house.  Well, if I ever leave The Palace, which is unlikely.

I’m starting to see why C7C got divorced.  She blames his absence for everything.  She needs a butler, not a husband.

Is anyone surprised that Lynda consults an astrologer?  Yeah, me either.

Judaism AND astrology?  I guess she’s got her bases covered.  Why does she need a guard dog?

Did Stacie see their finances before they got in that obnoxious, over the top limousine?   Oh wait, here we go.  Of course not.

Ummmm… no Michaele.  That shit is not normal family “dysfunction”.

Look at Tareq’s face, he can’t afford shit.

Wait, how is it still free if she has a biometric lock on it?  Oh, she’s NOT CLOSING THE DOOR.  That’s too hard?  Really?

That mirror makes the closet look waaay bigger than it is.

Oh Mary, that’s a cute way of saying you hate a characteristic in your hubby.

Men Against Breast Cancer.  LOVE it.

Mary is TOASTED!

Poor Cat.

Christopher is totally freaked out right now.

This is why the children of single mothers mature so quickly.  Our mothers talk to us like we’re their spouses.

No surprise that Tareq was a bad seed.

So again, where is the wine they keep serving actually from?  I’m telling you, illegals with cases of Three Buck Chuck are chillin’ in the decrepit barn, pouring them into Oasis bottles that they’ve been reusing since 1983.

How were you raised Michaele?  I would really like to know.

Thus ends Episode 6.  Moving on.

Episode 7:

Love Cat’s belt in this scene!  Too bad their marriage isn’t holding up as well as those pants.

She’s not going with him to his brother’s WEDDING??

I can see that this marriage is hard, he’s gone so often he may as well be in the Navy.  But she had to know what she was getting into.

Shocker!  Not at all surprised that MS was a football cheerleader.

Wait, she’s not getting this.  How was she smart enough to be a cheerleader?

She is clearly the girl who was always told that she’s beautiful so she doesn’t need to be smart or have any marketable skills.

I like Erika because she’s honest.  Cat is a bitch.  Tell it like it is.

Oh this is a dangerous game.  I love that Cat’s kids are the only ones rude enough to guess.

Damn, now I hate Stacie and Mary.  How can you not support gay marriage?  Do you also support sweatshops and selling children on the internet?

Hahahaha, she FAKED IT?  What?  I have to Google this.  PAUSE!

Oh this chick has balls:

Ok, back to the show.

That’s true Stacie but people should let Mary be a parent.  Nobody likes to be told how to raise their children and it’s none of your business.  Raise your own damn kids.

Why is Erika not a cast member on this show?  She’s perfect for it.  Way more drama than Stacie.  Next season they should switch.

Why Lynda, why do you have to say something?

And Stacie, why don’t you stand up for your friend??

WHAT???  No Cat, you’re a bitch and Erika is totally justified in hating you.  Every interaction we’ve seen between you two has shown Cat being a racist bitch in front of her.  Why would she like her?

I don’t care if your husband has abandoned you, you either have manners or you don’t.  You either have class or you don’t.  And Cat, you don’t.

Why do they all act like Cat’s husband being absent is an excuse to be crazy?  If she’s so bored, why doesn’t she get a JOB???  It’s really not that hard to find something to do with your life.

Uh-oh, this gay rights meeting is going to make me angry, I can already tell.

Yaay Lynda!!

Yaay Cat!!  But I still hate you.

Really Mary???  I think Paul’s face says it all.

Religion?  Really?  So you’re going to impose that on people through the LAW?  I’m sorry, when did we get up and leave AMERICA?  You live in the damn CAPITAL!

Aaaand now I hate Jason and Stacie.  Hate.

I don’t understand how Stacie can be against gay marriage when they’re using the same arguments that people used fifty years ago to keep marriage between blacks and whites illegal.  I mean, that’s the reason she was given up for adoption.  And now she’s doing the same thing to someone else?  WTF?

No Paul, you shouldn’t have to be friends with them.  How can you be close to people who don’t think you deserve basic human rights?

I wonder if the producers have asked for Erika to be around?


This shit is why I don’t go to church.

It sounds like Stacie knows what’s right but is hung up on the same bullshit the black community has been raised on for years.  Do the right thing Stacie.  Don’t raise your kids to be bigots too.

Ummm… this conversation is clearly heavily edited because Paul’s champagne glass keeps filling and emptying over and over again.  Either that or he is seriously throwing them down.

What’s going on with this Salahi house-buying thing?  Did they give up?

Michaele and Heidi Montag should be friends.

Wait, Bankrupt AGAIN???  Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Really?  Tareq is some sort of Virginia winery leader?  Yeah, and I’m the ex-President of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Yaay Mary!  Way to see the light!

Also, I freaking love Lolly.

OMG Mary, really?  You can’t remember the constitution?  How much wine have you had darlin’?

Why do all of the conversations turn back to the Salahis?  Are the producers scripting that?

Yeah, I’m surprised by that too.

Why is that painting blurred out?

Wow, they really need money bad.  A tell all?

No, you’re going to sneak in somewhere and hope to meet POTUS before you get arrested.  Don’t get it twisted M.

Hahahaha… you need the advance and you have no talent!

Ohhhh, they don’t want to share the storyline.  Everything is all about them.  That’s a ballsy ghostwriter to even suggest it though.

M looks really old in this scene.

Yes!!  The next show is the one we’ve been waiting for!  They must know this is coming, that’s why they’re trying to get all of this publicity now.

As always, this episode ends with the Salahis.  Like it or not, they do provide the most drama.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about them getting all of this publicity for their craziness, plus M is hosting the Today show in a few days or something and they’re getting as famous as the villains usually do.  But then I thought, this is why reality TV was made.  I don’t want to see normal people.  I am normal people.  I wants to see the crazy.  And if they’re in TV Land, they’re far away from me.  Which is the way it should be.  So, go head on Salahis.  Host your today show and write your sad little book and host your “Ask the Salahis” chat sessions (no, I’m not kidding).  Stay in that world and out of mine.  And that goes for all the crazies.

Til next time,


Dreaming of Maria Tallchief

Posted in Local Arts and Artists by AGinDC on 24 September 2010

When I was in the third grade I sprained my ankle three times in one week.  How?  By dancing Giselle in my sneakers on the sidewalk.  I was a little girl who had just moved from Germany to Oklahoma and while my parents were looking for a new ballet class for me, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Someone introduced me to Maria Tallchief and I wanted to be a Cherokee dancing prima donna just like her.  It turns out, pirouettes aren’t meant for tennis shoes and 7 year olds shouldn’t be leaping around in public parks.  My dreams of ballet greatness died with my ankle.

However, like most of my dreams that ended too soon, I decided to become a cheerleader for the sports I can’t play, the dances I can’t dance and the concert halls I won’t be performing in.  As soon as I got to DC I discovered that many of the arts organizations have groups for young professionals and since that’s me (minus the “professional” part) I decided to leap right in like Baryshnikov competing with Gregory Hines.  On a sidenote, I had dinner with Baryshnikov once.  He is a tiny, quiet, divine little man.  Sigh.

Anyways, the Washington Ballet’s young professional group is called the Jete Society (there should be an accent aigu after that last “e” but I don’t know how to do it in WordPress) and they’re marvelous.  They have happy hours, events like beerandballet (yes, that’s how it’s written), backstage talks with the Artistic Director, and offer discounts on tickets.  Loooove.  I also love that the first happy hour was for members and non-members alike, so I convinced a friend we call Reverend Dave (though there’s nothing religious about him) to come with me to the J&G Steakhouse at the W for some free snacks (DELICIOUS mini burgers) and happy hour drinks.  To get him there, I had to promise that I would go with him to the Nutcracker, which was absolutely no sacrifice at all.  I was going anyways.

The happy hour was a lot of fun and the program for the 2010-2011 season looks amazing.  The theme is UNTAMED and not only is this group of dancers almost criminally good-looking, but the series features four absolutely incredible works:  Romeo and Juliet, which needs no introduction, Rock & Roll which looks like a fantastic fusion of modern rock and innovative dance, Le Corsaire, which is just fun, and Carmen.  Hellooo… Carmen.  As Rachel Zoe would say, I die.  They’ll also show the Nutcracker, of course, and two adorable kids shows that may require a few kidnappings on my part so I don’t look absurd going to see them myself.

I’m constantly surprised by the amazing arts scene here, although I guess I shouldn’t be, I mean, someone has to entertain FLOTUS.  I also love how keen everyone is to get people my age involved and how interesting and unique their special events and offerings are compared to most places I’ve lived.  I love the arts, and I have been in love with the ballet all of my life.  I absolutely cannot wait to join the Jete Society and see everything that The Washington Ballet has to offer.  Every season.

Get involved!  See the ballet!



Cocktails and copyrights

Posted in Cocktails, again by AGinDC on 21 September 2010

Today, after another morning and afternoon of sitting around in my pajamas looking for a job (I sympathize, 14% of Americans), my friend Ferr called and asked if I wanted to be his wingman at a cocktail party for copyright folks.  Boring as that sounds, it beat sitting around, plus I knew there would be free food, so I got all gussied up in my cutest (read: only) cocktail dress and heels, and met him at Capitol South.  We went to Tortilla Coast, a cute little Mexican place where, surprisingly, some interesting folks had gathered for this little to do.  I met a real-life songwriter (this doesn’t happen much in law school, I was excited), who explained the entire music publishing business to me, the general counsels of a few big name organizations, and a very nice patent lawyer for Congress who is going to give me tips about finding a job in the city.  Yaay!  Also, there was free food and free alcohol, but I didn’t drink because, well, I drink too much.  Overall, not a bad event.

After, Ferr and I figured that since we were actually dressed we should make the most of it, so we headed to Cafe Dupont at the Dupont Hotel for bubbly and cosmos.  I know, I said in the paragraph before that I drink too much.  Point proven.  We snacked on our bar nuts and drank our champagne and cocktails while watching the people pass us by and mused on how lucky we are to live in DC.  We are, you know.

Enjoy the end-of-summer weather.  Here’s hoping we all get what we want with the Fall.


A Little too Cool?

Posted in Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 20 September 2010

For a while now, I’ve been complaining that the President isn’t getting the message, my message that is.  He’s so cool, so nonchalant, so unperturbed by the political happenings of the country, so utterly unflappable that I have, frankly, been pissed.  What good is it to have a President who refuses to act as the father of the nation?  What good is it to have incredible political results when his lack of personability alienates everyone for whom he’s actually fighting?  What good is it to be a great man when your lack of empathy is producing the Tea Party?

Well, he must have heard me.  Today the President had a town hall meeting at the Newseum, sponsored by CNBC.  He must have telepathic abilities because just last night I was complaining to Mrs. M about POTUS’s lack of communication and she asked what he should do about it.  To start with, I said, he should have more town hall meetings.  Enter:  CNBC.  Not only did Hopey have a town hall but he actually spoke straight and honestly and with little to no equivocation.  How unlike the law professor that he is.  He answered questions straight, addressed the whole, “why the hell is the right getting out their message better than you are?” question reasonably and honestly and intelligently, and, all in all, was clearly briefed heavily by Rhambo before he walked out the door.

Or maybe Mrs. O made him sleep on the couch.

Either way, he finally seemed to have his act together.  And not a moment too late.  The election, after all, is little over a month away.

I adore the President.  In fact, I drool over his picture far more often than FLOTUS would approve of.  But I yell at the TV every time he doesn’t answer a question, doesn’t assert himself, and doesn’t use the cajones I know he has.  Perhaps today’s town hall was the beginning of something different.  Maybe he’s finally getting control of his message.  Maybe he finally has something to say.

Then again, maybe I’m just daydreaming.  It happens a lot when it comes to Obama.

What do you think?


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An unexpected visit… and more new places this weekend

Posted in Politics- as I see it, Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 19 September 2010

Fridays at the gym usually don’t hold anything more interesting than another sweaty, painful workout session and the promise of a shower and a snack immediately afterward.  However, this Friday, my phone rang and I was so excited when I saw who was calling that I almost broke a cardinal Mint rule and answered.  Remembering just in time, I let the voicemail get it and quickly finished my workout.  As soon as I hit the locker room I checked my messages.  Turns out, three of my friends from law school were hitting DC for the day!  Woohoo!  This guaranteed a fabulous Friday night.

Sure enough, it was.  After stopping by the Lincoln Memorial (tourists, sigh.  But I do love visiting Lincoln) and the Monument for pics, we headed to McCormick & Schmick’s for drinks before din.  M&S’s happy hour is not nearly as good as the M&S Grill a few more blocks down, but after walking in the heat a $6 glass of house white was still refreshing.  Two $6 glasses of house white?  Even better.

Loosed and refreshed, we hiked back to the car (not being a DC driver, I was rubbish at giving parking advice) and headed to Cactus Cantina.  I know, I was there last week.  Which is why I suggested it.  I wanted another chimichanga and the CC margaritas are too good to pass up!  We were joined by a couple of guys who were in our class and who I didn’t know had just moved here in the last week!  Thrilled at the ever-increasing size of my entourage, I was only a little put out by the fact that both guys live in Virginia.  I mean, WTF mate?  Anyways, at least they’re in the area.  Yaay!

After CC we wanted to go to the New Orleans Cafe on 18th for beignets but he closed at 11!  So, we went to the Rumba Cafe for drinks instead.  The next morning, we got our beignets for breakfast with a side of cafe au lait and bread pudding.  😀

I was so excited to see my friends, there aren’t many really good people in the world and you have to keep in touch with the ones you find.  Plus, they’re all gorgeous and adventurous which makes them perfect partying and travel companions.  I also love it when my weekend takes unexpected turns.  I hope they come back again soon!

Later on Saturday I went to the H Street Festival with another friend, L.B..  H street is an interesting place. The clash of the people who have always belonged there and those trying to gentrify them out was a stark reflection of Tuesday’s election results.  A few years ago, no one went to H Street, there were no classy spas and overpriced bars and white folks never showed up at the festival.  There isn’t even a Metro stop.  Now, they’re building a useless streetcar and selling gourmet gelato on the streets.  This was a reminder of why I love local politics.  It’s sometimes difficult to see the effect that Congress’s actions have on every day people but every decision that a mayor makes shows up right at your front door.  And if I lived on H Street, I would have voted for Gray too.

The ridiculous thing is that neither Fenty nor Gray have the answer.  The solution isn’t to kick people out of their homes, refurbish apartment buildings, and then sell them for ten times their original worth.  Nor is it to completely ignore the problem and keep things the way they are so you can say you “understand”.  What DC, and every town like it, needs is a comprehensive solution.  Adult literacy and financial education, trade schools and job placement, serious investment in public housing projects, and services to provide courses and assistance with everything from parenting to healthy eating on a budget to protecting seniors and children.  But no one will do it, no one will invest in poor black people the way they need it and instead we’ll always have the same two choices:  Fenty or Gray.

On the plus side of gentrification, L.B. and I visited a great new bar called The Fruit Bat.  They have amazing fruit infused liquor like watermelon and basil tequila (delicious) and pineapple and cardamom rum (also delicious) (both $10 for cocktails, $12 for martinis).  I had a honeydew and banana smoothie with rum ($10) (do I even have to say it?  De-lish-ous).  Plus you can create your own fruit infused cocktail as the mood strikes you.  And, as if the yummy fruit infused liquors (that change frequently) weren’t enough, they also have great Cuban food like pork tacos and fried plantains.  L.B. and I decided that this will be a frequent stop on our new social calendar.  Gentrification.  If you can’t beat it, drink it.

After the Festival, I went home to sleep off my smoothie and get ready for a night out with a new friend, ChiChi.  I met her at OneLounge in Dupont Circle where we had a quick drink (most cocktails are $12, I had a G&T for $10) although the food looked so good, I wished I hadn’t eaten before.  Then we headed to Napoleon in Adams Morgan which I absolutely LOVED.  It has a Moulin Rouge boudoir feel, with comfy high-backed black leather couches, red and white striped balls, clever and attractive wait and bar staff, and crepes too die for (try the Josephine.  As in la Josephine.  Nutella and bananas.  Get it?).  I am so glad that this place is only a few blocks from me because I will be visiting.  Often.  Apparently there’s also a dance floor downstairs but we were so into our crepes that we never made it.

After Napoleon we went to Tryst just for the hell of it and then we headed home.  I love making new friends and it was so much fun hanging out with ChiChi.  I really think this whole DC thing is going rather well.  Now, if only I could find a job…

I’m taking today off, to rest and job hunt.  Off from what you ask?  Well, don’t ask.

Have a great Sunday!


Dinner, drinks, elections!

Posted in Weekend in Washington by AGinDC on 15 September 2010

The past few days have been out of control crazy.  I did so much and went to so many great new places that I’m not even sure I remember them all.  But everything was fantastic and I had a blast.  There are definitely far more hits than misses when it comes to going out in DC.


The morning started with brunch at Afterwords cafe at Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle.  It was crazy delicious.  Brunch is between $15-17 dollars (ish) but it comes with whatever entree you order (I had the French toast.  I will always be having the French toast), potatoes, delicious fresh squeezed orange juice, and coffee or iced tea.  And I think I’m missing something but I’m getting hungry just thinking about it so I’m moving on.

My old friend C.R. from Chicago was in town for the weekend and since we both went to MLaw we had to watch the game.  I am especially proud that the curse of me being there has lifted and we are now actually winning games!  Woohoo!  Sorry for the last three years.  C.R. from Chicago also went to Georgetown so she invited a bunch of DC peoples out as well.  We went to The Front Page in Dupont Circle for snacks and to watch the game in a very, very quiet surrounding and then for the fourth quarter we headed Buffalo Billiards next door.  BB was AWESOME.  Tons of Michigan fans.  It was standing room only and we had an absolute blast, especially because the game was SO GOOD.  We pulled it out at the last second!  That sounded dirty.  Well, football always does.  Anyways, it was awesome.

After the game we changed and headed to Cactus Cantina near to the National Cathedral.  I always forget how beautiful the cathedral is at night.  I love it.  I also loved the food at the Cantina.  I had the best chimichanga that I have had in a very long time.  Plus the margaritas were delicious, so you know I’m going back.  The prices were pretty good too.  $6 for a margarita and $10 for my chimichanga.  I can hang with that.

Post-meal we headed to a house party that someone who knew someone who knew someone was throwing.  There happened to be a simultaneous soiree in the brownstone next door and they have a very low fence so we got two parties for the price of one!  I had a blast and headed home happy and having made a few new friends.


Sunday morning I was supposed to get up and watch a guy we met on Saturday in the triathlon on the Mall.  Buuuuuttt, it was raining and cold and I decided that I wasn’t going to get pneumonia to cheer on a total stranger.  Had I known that Fenty was ruining any small chance he had of winning by running in that race rather than the one he was running against Gray (who was behaving like a man who did want to win and speaking at churches all morning), I might have gone.  No, actually, probably not.

My Sunday started late and I didn’t leave the house until it was time to watch cutie pie Nadal kick ass at the final.  I met a friend at Slaviya on 18th, which is definitely run by the KGB, probably has Russian sex slaves in the back, and has seats at the bar that are so comfortable, I didn’t care, even after I saw the super suspicious bottles of wine under the stage. Whatever.  The french fries with feta and walnut tzatziki and sangria were faaabulous.  I can look the other way.

Sadly, the weather in New York wasn’t nearly as nice as the weather at home, so after meandering up the street and stopping to finally explore Skynear, an adorable little shop with furniture and jewelry and trinkets and whatnot, I went home for more Doctor Who.


Monday started with boring training at Local Department Store, where I will be working part-time until I find an actual job.  I actually don’t mind working there, I love a good discount, but since this is the only place that will overlook the fact that I am waaaay overqualified for entry-level retail/hospitality work, I have decided I have to find an actual job in a field that would at least use 1/10th of my degree.  I am not happy about this.

After training I was pretty pooped so I went to Pentagon City to do some styling for a friend (The Limited has some great coupons and some really cute new stuff in if you need something cheap and trendy for a layer/weekend.  Also, through today they’re having a “buy a jacket, get a skirt/pant free” event.  Have you noticed that Limited doesn’t seem to know who they are?  They had a blazer made of polyester and razor wire that cost $228!  Know your place Limited.).  Then I went home and chilled with the Doctor.


Elections!  On Monday I found out about a candidate for a local race in MD who was looking for volunteers to work the polls for him.  I need the money and actually love sitting at polls on election day so I wrote and they called and at 5am on Tuesday morning I found myself sitting on the red line headed to Silver Spring.  Yawn.  But, it was fun and I met some great people and some local candidates that remind me of why I love local politics so much.  So sincere.  So arrogant.  So too-nice-for-the-big-leagues.  So American.  By the time I got on the red line going home at 9pm I was exhausted and I could barely slice up an apple before I was dead to the world.  Good thing, because I had training the next morning and K-dawg (my trainer) takes no pity.

So, that was the long weekend.  I’m not at all surprised the Fenty lost, but I can’t imagine that he is either.  He and I will both be keeping low profiles this week.  Him because he’s humiliated, me because I am broke and will spend the whole week looking for a job.  Good times.

Have a great hump day!


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Busy days

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 14 September 2010

The weekend and these last two days have been crazy busy!  Lots to tell, but it will have to wait until tomorrow!

Ciao dahlings!


FNO Amazingness

Posted in Local Arts and Artists by AGinDC on 11 September 2010

Fashion’s Night Out in Georgetown was so. much. fun.  Seriously, Georgetown put on a fantastic show!  The weather was absolutely perfect, clear skies and weather just cool enough to allow for a great coat or scarf.  I was finally able to break out my chunky Amrita Singh necklace, new J. Crew schoolboy blazer and navy and gold patent leather Prada flats.  Yaay for autumn!  It was so much fun seeing everyone in town all dressed up and out for a serious night of shopping.  I love it when adults get to dress up like it’s prom (and it’s not for some boring rubber chicken banquet).  All of the ladies really went the extra mile, the heels were high, the outfits were well thought out, and even Raph pulled out the lipstick!  The customers definitely made the same effort as the stores which really made it fun for everybody.

Georgetown, of course, has the perfect shopping set up, and almost all of the stores participated and tried to make the evening special.  Kate Spade wins for best decorations, the gold and pink streamers and decos were super cute and festive and even convinced my Kate Spade-hating friend Raph to go in, where, I am pleased to announce, she found several items that caught her fancy.  A convert! Yaay!  Dean and Deluca wins for best DJ, although I have to give it up for Vineyard Vines, which was surprisingly poppin’ considering it’s the preppiest store in the history of mankind.  We actually hung around looking at adorable little sailing outfits that I wanted to steal for my niece, Bella.  Georgetown Optical wins for best glasses trunk show (Oliver Peoples) and easiest availability of champagne (right by the door) and SEE wins for most talented optical salesmen ever.  Can you tell that Raph and I are both blind?  Diesel wins for offering free beer, which I’m sure the dudes appreciated (who am I kidding? I loved my Stella!).  Artistic Aya definitely wins for best local designer.  Her little shop was adorable.  It was small but ambitious and even though she had very few items on display, each one was absolutely perfect and showed that she clearly designs with a lot of passion and flair.  I saw at least five things that I would have bought if I wasn’t a broke recent grad.  And apparently she has a lot of fans because when we were there (after we made a beeline for the delicious snacks and wine, we were starving!) she was surrounded by people!  Oh, and Thunder wins for most amazingly delicious burger that I ate all of even though it made me feel sick because it was too good to stop. Seriously, sooooo good.

There are several reasons why FNO is better in Georgetown than in New York and it can all be boiled down to the fact that there are fewer people (by millions).  That meant there was plenty of room to walk around and see all of the stores.  There was plenty to eat and drink at each place because they didn’t run out as quickly.  Everyone working in the stores was clearly super excited about having FNO and no one could have been nicer.  Plus, there weren’t any models running around so women didn’t have to feel completely inadequate on a night that was all about shopping!  The only sad thing about FNO Georgetown is that it had to end, but Raph and I have already decided to start a savings account just for next year’s event.  I can’t wait!!

Last night Raph and I kept reflecting on how happy we are that we moved to DC, and how happy we are that we came together.  There’s nothing better than friends and fashion in a fabulous city, and last night made me think that I could actually stay here forever.

Thank you FNO Georgetown!  See you next year!


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