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Pasta, Penguin, and the President

Posted in Politics- as I see it by AGinDC on 31 August 2010

Today was rather uneventful.  I worked out, I found a new dermatologist (more on that laters), I discovered Friendship Heights, and I watched our adorable President give an excellent speech about the end of this awful war.

I watched the address in the new apartment of two of my friends, where we had delicious whole wheat pasta with vegetables and drank a Little Penguin Shiraz that I picked up that wasn’t half bad, especially given its $8.99 shelf price.  The three of us all come from very different backgrounds and points of view (a former Marine, a half-French girl et moi) but we all loved the President’s speech.  It was somber, respectful, and I personally loved that he was so gracious in mentioning the former President and that we all are Patriots who support our troops, regardless of our points of view on the war itself.

I was also relieved to see that the President was finally wearing a suit that seemed to be halfway tailored and not bought off the rack fifteen years ago like most of his other suits.  However, the cut was a little to metrosexual for my tastes, and I hate brown and red together.  But he’s so cute, he can pretty much pull off anything.  Except mom jeans.  No one can pull those off.

I also adore the pictures he has in the background of FLOTUS and the girls.  I am so insanely jealous of their perfect, gorgeous family but seeing them together makes me hopeful about what my future might possibly be and proud of the example that they’re setting.  And isn’t that what the First Family is all about?

All in all, another excellent performance by our remarkable President.  And one of our wars is finally, finally over.  I pray the next one ends sooner than expected and that we can finally bring our troops home to their family and their country.

Well done Mr. President!


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