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A stream of consciousness review of RHofDC Ep. 4

Posted in Real Housewives of DC by AGinDC on 30 August 2010

My non-cable lifestyle would be unbearable if it wasn’t for the internet.  As it is, I sometimes have to wait days for Megavideo to get a decent streaming copy of my favourite shows to find a free and legal way to watch my favourite shows.  I should get an iTunes season pass but broke ain’t no joke ya’ll.  Anyways, several days late, here are my notes on RHofDC as written at the time of viewing.  Were you thinking the same things?

Episode 4


Nope, Ebong is still not hot.

Onesies??  Ummm… do you know you’re on TV?  Those cameras are not just decorations.

Awwww… they’re a cute family.  Glad to see she’s a good mom.  Since otherwise she seems a little crazy.


Yeah, figures she’s a Delta.  She’s so nice.

Her mom is white?!?!?  Wow, I hope she writes a book about this story.  This is a movie waiting to happen.


LOVE Mary’s interview dress!

Ugh, Michaela.  Sponsoring?  Yeah right, there’s no way they’re paying for this.

Stop fighting over the gay black man!!!

Cat is NEVER happy.

Why does that wine look like cider?

I do agree with Cat here though, social climbing is obvious and embarrassing for you.  Just say no.

I like Dupont Circle too Lolly.  Makes me happy.

Why wasn’t Stacie at the TG event?

I wonder if Bravo makes them hang together?  I’ve always wondered this.  They must have a schedule.

Happy Thursday??  Oh, frenemies, how fake thou art.

AHHHHHH!!!!  Why does Mary look like Goth Cinderella???

Cat has no class, was she raised in the gutter??  By wolves?  Who had recently fallen off a turnip truck?

OMG, what is WRONG with Michaela and Tareq??  Can you imagine sneaking into THAT of all dinners?  They did this more than once??  Wow.

Yes Cat, brazen is the perfect word for them.

How many Burberry wraps does Mary own??

Wow, even Tareq’s MOM hates him?  I think that says it all.

“We want to make sure you’re safe”???  For a WINE TASTING?

Jason’s story either keeps getting more dramatic or the editing is very selective.  I vote both.

I love that it’s nighttime with Lynda in DC and the middle of the day in Virginia.

Oh, Cat.  STFU.

Thank you Michaela’s assistant!!

Who wears white pants to a grape stomping?

Yeah, those are definitely the same grapes chillin’ right now in my crisper drawer.  Stay classy Salahis.

Even with all of the Salahi’s bullshit, Cat is out of control.

I bet that wine isn’t really made there.  There are some illegals in the back pouring Three Buck Chuck into Salahi bottles.

Wow, I can’t believe they actually brought up the dinner story.

Thank you, polite Black people, for trying to change the subject.  But the Salahis are laughing a little too had.  Methinks the lady chuckles too much.

Stacie’s face at “she adores you” was CLASSIC!  And completely mirrored mine.

Why are they STILL talking about this shit??  Apparently, high school never ends.  Goody.

Michaela, why are you checking Mary’s facts with Stacie??




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