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Dinner and a movie

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 24 August 2010

This weekend the fabulous Going out Guide in WaPo clued me in to a pretty awesome event happening this evening.  Apparently, the Renaissance Hotel on New Hampshire Ave has been having free movies screenings all summer.  Tonight was the last one, of course, but I really wanted to go so I grabbed a friend and, after a semi-tortuous floor barre session at the gym, we headed to the hotel.  I really like this place because the lobby is set up to be really social.  There’s free wifi, comfy couches, an approachable bar… it’s all very “come sit and stay all day”.  I like that.

Tonight, the lobby was packed.  There were tons of people, old, young, families, singles, etc.  Even some of the staff were watching the movie.  I have no idea what the film was called (we got there late) but it was in Hebrew with English subtitles and was apparently put on in conjunction with the Jewish Film Festival that will be happening in DC in December.  The movie was hilarious, a very cute romantic comedy about an Argentinian immigrant in Israel.  We loved it and loved the atmosphere.  I wish I had known about this sooner!

After the film we were starved so we headed to Cafe Oaxaca (pronounced wa-HA-ca), a fun little Mexican cafe where we had marvelous margaritas, great guacamole and tasty tacos.  The tres leche looked to die for but we were so stuffed at the end of the meal that we couldn’t bear the thought of dessert.  Next time.  I also loved the service, our waiter was funny and had a great personality and even though we had to wait a while between sightings, it was nice to be around someone who was clearly having fun on the job.

Overall, another great night in DC.  And thank goodness the weather is cooling down, tonight was a perfect evening.  If you know of any other great events happening in town, please let me know!

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