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Friday night on the town

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 21 August 2010

Friday was quite the eventful day.  First, I had an interview!  It was for a position at a really nice hotel which I won’t name in case I get it.  We’ll just call it Upscale Hotel.  To get there, I had planned the morning perfectly but I somehow managed to get out of the door 15 minutes late, thus ruining everything.  Then, I got on the first bus that came to the stop, which of course was going the wrong way, so I had to get off and run 3/4 of a mile down the street in flip flops to get to the hotel only eight minutes early.  That gave me just enough time to throw on my heels, cardigan, and pearls and go to the bathroom to dry off (I am officially the sweatiest person in DC) before coming out just in time to meet the Manager.  After that though, the interview went great and I have a second interview next week, after which I’ll find out if I got the job.  What I like about this hotel gig is that it’s an easy assignment that won’t take a lot of time or thought, giving me plenty of energy to do my research project and work on the book, but, if I like it, there is lots of room for growth and I can go into something that I love and am really good at, like event planning.  It’s a win-win.

Second, two of my friends from law school got to town and I’m so happy that they’ve finally moved to DC (Yaay!).  To thank me for giving them a place to stay they treated me to a delicious lunch at Bistrot Du Coin on Connecticut Ave.  We had mussels and wine and creme brulee and it was delicious.  I also absolutely love how convenient the Palace is, it’s so close to everything!  I may never leave this neighborhood.

Later, I met a friend and her new bf for happy hour at Urbana.  Urbana is absolutely wonderful.  Joe the bartender actually asked me what kind of gin I wanted with my G&T, which almost never happens and which I totally appreciated because I ❤ Bombay Sapphire and never get it without asking.  The happy hour menu was great, they have wines and beer for $5 and a specialty cocktail for the same price.  They also have $8 pizzas, $5 small plates and $1 each oysters.  We had ah-mazing crab beignets and delicious margherita pizza and lots of sparking wine.  After, we had talked off all of the calories so we headed to Levante’s on 19th where I had a yummy falafel salad and my friend had delicious lamb.  I don’t remember what her bf had but he ate it all so it must have been good!

All in all it was a day and night of conversation, fiery debate, and delicious food.  My favourite combo.  As usual, my friend with the bf (like all of my friends with bfs when they’re around me) was quiet and demure and beautiful and perfect and went home with a guy who is at least not a serial killer, while I was fiery and passionate and debated and couldn’t hide my too-big personality and thus sat in the Palace alone.  More than one person has told me that I’m the kind of girl men have affairs with and not the kind of girl they marry.  Too bad I don’t believe in having affairs… Well, as long as my friends are happy, I’ll pass the nights with my Form 6.  Too bad for me, but the personality just isn’t going away.  I’m going to have to wait for a man with the cajones to take me on…

I wonder if he’s in DC?

Signed, happily content,



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  1. Steve B. said, on 22 August 2010 at 5:58 pm

    …I could give it a shot.

    Haha, given the creepy nature of that segway, I should note my use of sarcasm, as it surely wasn’t applied properly.

    In any case, I encountered your blog from a link on “We Love D.C.” I found it interesting because I also recently relocated to the Metro area. I look forward to following your thoughts and adventures within the District and invite you to check out mine to see if they are of interest. My blog is linked above.

    In all seriousness, I wish you the best of luck and I do look forward to reading further updates here.

    • agindc said, on 22 August 2010 at 6:45 pm

      Thanks! I’ll have to keep up with your blog to see if you’ve discovered any gems that I haven’t picked up on yet. I’ve never been to Falls Church but it sounds nice! If you do decide to do the law school thing, I’ve been through it so I can definitely give you some advice. Good luck!

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