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Just because Bitch is the New Black doesn’t mean I have to be one

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 19 August 2010

Yesterday I got a lesson in humility.

A few months ago, I, like every single black girl in America, got a ton of ranting emails and forwarded blog posts from almost everyone I know about the then-recent WaPo interview of a now-notorious DC girl: Helena Andrews.  Due, apparently, to biased editing, Ms. Andrews came off as exactly the kind of girl the rest of us pretend we’re not.  The article made her sound arrogant, narcissistic, materialistic, and, worst of all, picky about men.  Ouch.  I read the article and all of the blog posts and had many, many, angry conversations with my friends about how it is just this kind of woman that the makes the rest of us work so hard to restore reputations that we haven’t even had the fun of ruining ourselves.  We were angry, judgmental, and swore we would never, ever buy her book“Bitch is the New Black”.

The months passed.

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of DC Mag at the gym and who should be featured in an adorable dress and super fly suede booties?  Yep, Helena Andrews herself. Since the blow-up cooled down I haven’t heard much about Ms. Andrews, except reading somewhere that she actually knows MoDo, which only intensified my mere dislike into a burning, passionate, jealous hatred.  Other than that though, I hadn’t given her two thoughts.  But here she was in very respectable shoes, giving an interview that made her sound, dare I say it: nice.  Hmph.

I decided to investigate.

Somehow, I ended up on the One Degree From Me blog, and, while I was momentarily blinded by the hotness that is Paul Carrick Brunson (Jesus, even his name is hot), my attention was quickly recaptured by his video interviews of H.A.  A few notes:

1.  The interview starts right off with a hilarious sketch that makes fun of her “Diva” image.  I love a girl who can make fun of herself.  H.A.- 1: Bad Reputation- o

2.  She seems cool.  Down to earth.  Funny even.  With a little bit of snark.  Oh, and attractive too, which would add serious insult to injury if she wasn’t also clearly very smart.  Hmmmm… H.A.- 2: Rep- 0

3.  She had a lot of really good answers to P.C.B.’s very good questions (I think they were good questions but, honestly, every time he started to talk I sort of drifted off into dreamland…).  H.A.- 3: Rep- still 0

4.  This was the clincher.  The intro to the second part of the interview was great.  I laughed, I cried… okay, not really, but I did decide that maybe this girl was aiight after all.  Sigh.  H.A. for the win.

And so, a lesson has been learned.  a) Never trust WaPo; b) jealousy can make you hate someone who may actually be able to teach you some things; and c) if this is my competition in DC, I’m seriously in trouble.  In fact, I’m going back to the gym.  Now.

So, mental apology to H.A.  I feel bad.  I’m ordering your book on Amazon Prime today.  I’ll read it.  I’ll probably like it.  It may make me hate you for a minute, but I’ll get over it.  After all, the worst part about all of this was that I saw a lot of myself in those interviews, from the saying things as a joke that maybe WaPo misinterpreted to the having to constantly back-track (i.e. the racial profiling MoDo incident) to the being an overly educated black girl with great shoes but no man.  Sigh.  Maybe we should all just stick together for a change?  I know I’ve learned my lesson.

With humility and mad respect,



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