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goingoutguide? yes please!

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 16 August 2010

Now that I live in a house that actually has the real paper delivered every day, I’ve taken to reading it.  Thus far, I have discovered three things:

1.  Newspapers are difficult to manage, annoying, get black stuff on your hands, and are generally not as good as an iPad.  Which I don’t have.

2.  A lot of people die every day.

3.  There’s a lot of good stuff in here!

The Style section is a particular favourite of mine, mostly because WaPo can’t ruin it with conservative drivel, but also because I’m a girl and am basically superficial.  I was skipping past the article about Laura Linney’s new show (because I don’t have Showtime and therefore am uninterested), and looking at the crazy adorable “Kids Post” that even features pictures of kids having a birthday this week(!) when I spotted the face of The Divine, aka, Audrey Hepburn.  What’s this? I asked myself.  It’s the Going Out Guide!

The Going Out Guide apparently features free things to do for every day of the week! This is a good idea that so often goes terribly wrong, as most lists of freebies include events such as “Armenian National Day Celebration at (insert unknown and somewhat intimidating location here)” and “Free Sausage McMuffin samples at Costco from 11-11:15am”.  The GoG list, however, is actually interesting!  On Monday, the National Theatre is ending what has to be the greatest idea for a summer cinema series in history, Cary Grant films!!  Yum.  And how better to end it than with Cary and Audrey trying desperately to solve a mystery while being chased by a deranged Walter Matthau in Charade.  I love that movie.  On Tuesday, the Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel is close to ending the Capital Irish Film Festival.  Never heard of it.  But the movie sounds good and it’s right down the street (+ several blocks and a slight right turn), so I may go.  Wednesday is kids’ stuff.  Thursday begins a month of free Shakespeare (be still my heart) at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.  This year’s free production is Twelfth Night, and though I’ve seen it under a full moon at the Globe Theatre on the banks of the Thames, I shall be entering the lottery every day until, perchance, I win a pair of tiks to yon performance.  Friday and Saturday are uninteresting and Sunday actually is one of those “Random Nation Community Days”.  It’s Cambodia day, and while I find Cambodian culture super interesting, I lived there for three months last summer and I think a scale model of Angkor Wat may pale in comparison to the real thing.  I think I’ll pass.

DC is quickly turning into a city that’s as easy to do free as Vegas.  Last night I discovered the nightly free Millennium Stage productions at the Kennedy Center and today I discover the GoG.  They even have a free iPhone app!  I may never pay for entertainment again.

Happy Monday!



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