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A Mint of a Gym

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 14 August 2010


I love the Palace.  Every day I find a new reason that it’s perfect and today was no exception.  Before I moved to DC I got on the Google to find a good gym.  I needed a place that was close enough to walk, had good personal trainers, and wasn’t too expensive.  I also really love gyms that cater to women and are small, probably because when I was 12 my father used to take me to the Army gyms with him where I would get leered at by burly old men on steroids and free weights.  Ever since then I’ve been wary of weight rooms and men in tight shorts.

I finally found a gym that looked great and happened to be close to the Palace.  It wasn’t until I moved here that I saw that Google maps had waaaay overestimated the distance between Mint and the Palace and that, in fact, the gym is only a few blocks away!  So, I made an appointment for a consultation and today I headed over.  Mint is the cutest little gym.  It reminds me of Vie back in Ann Arbor, which was sort of my gym-seeking inspiration.  Although it’s small, Mint is packed with tons of cardio equipment, each with their own satellite television, tons of dry and cooled towels, mint-infused water (of course), lots of weights, private classes that are free with membership, and a gorgeous and incredibly peaceful spa.  I love it.

I was a little worried about expense, especially because they have a really pricey enrollment fee, but since I decided that I have to get a personal trainer now or forever live with my imperfect body, I signed up for a package and they waived the fee!  I also got the first month free, two free personal training sessions and a free appointment with a nutritionist.  Sweet!  Altogether, the monthly fee is actually only $35 more a month than the Y (I was also considering going there), which is fine with me considering that this is a) closer, b) more private, c) doesn’t allow children and d) has really great classes included.  Win.

Since I plan to spend most of the next few months just writing and working out, it’s terribly convenient to have everything I need so nearby.  Plus, I got the cutest new workout clothes from Filene’s Basement today, Adrienne Vittadini has an adorable collection and they were on super super sale so now I have everything I need to melt my trouble spots away!  Hopefully I’ll be thin and adorable by the time I start meeting some men around here…

Happy exercising!



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