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The Palace

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 13 August 2010

I’ve always wanted to live in a beautiful brownstone apartment so I was thrilled a few months ago when I Google streetviewed (yes, it’s a verb) the house I was to move into upon my arrival in DC and saw that it was a classic DC brownstone on a quiet tree-lined street.  However, nothing could have surprised me more than when I finally went into the house.  It’s ginormous.  I mean, really unbelievably huge.  And you’d never guess it from the outside.  Most houses like this were turned into apartments ages ago but the owners of this house never felt the need.  So now they own a palace in the middle of the city.

I think this is where I'll be doing most of my writing.

According to Zillow the house was built in 1912, but the owners didn’t buy it until 1960.  The hilarious thing is that they’ve had the same housekeeper for almost as long as they’ve had the house!  No one really knows what she does anymore but after 50 years you can’t really fire someone.  I met her today and she’s hilarious.  She asked me if I do anything or just sleep all day (she comes at 5.30 in the am so I guess sleeping til 7 is “all day”) and of course I couldn’t say yes so I told her that I just graduated from law school (true) and am looking for a job (untrue).  Her face lit up and she did this hilarious little dance and sang “Ooh, you’re going to be an attorney-at-law”.  Hilaaaarious.  I ❤ her.

My other favourite thing about the house is that all of the appliances and furniture have obviously been here since the moon landing.  Everything looks frozen in time, from the orange couches in the downstairs sitting room to the shag carpeting in my room.  Even the toilet has a round tank instead of the usual rectangular one and a little porcelain button that says “Push”!  There’s also a beautiful backyard with a finished porch and a garden with a rotunda and everything.  Heaven.  I love it here.  I think I’ll at least be bunkering down through winter.

Enjoy the rest of this breezy day!



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