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Adventure on the High Seas

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 12 August 2010

I knew today would be exciting when I woke up to peals of thunder and witnessed one of the loudest storms I have ever seen.  Good morning to you too, Mr. Washington.  It cooled down for all of five seconds before the city gods remembered that it’s August and lit the Vespian fires again.  I puttered for a few hours and then finally dressed and left the house to remedy my “OMG, I only packed five shirts for the rest of my life” dilemma.  After bussing it to Dupont Circle and finding little to nothing at both Ann Taylor and AT Loft (where I have a credit card since I used to work there and thus was hoping to avoid spending grocery money) I wandered around to Nine West, the poor girl’s designer shoe store, where I found a cute pair of exactly the wedges I’ve been thinking about on clearance.  Love it when that happens.   Then I turned the corner, walked down the street and found myself at Filene’s Basement.  And thank goodness.  One hour and five black shirts later (I know, believe me, I can’t explain it either) I finally headed home.

At this point it was 2pm and I was starving, all I’d had to eat so far was five almonds and a Tazo Iced Arnold Palmer (that’s not what Starbucks calls it, but that’s what it is).  I grabbed a couple of bottles of wine from an adorable wine shop whose name escapes me and, dazed by hunger and the plethora of greasy choices, decided to indulge my brother’s long-distance fantasy and get a jumbo slice of pizza from the place that was on the Travel Channel.

The pizza was giant.  I was not expecting that.  I mean, it says “jumbo” but a lot of things say that and aren’t.  This is.  It was also very greasy and although my brother was thrilled by the pic I sent him, for me it was just one more reminder that my eating has gone to shite since the bar exam.  Good thing I have a consultation at the gym on Saturday.

Anyways, halfway through my giant slice of heart attack and an episode of Battlestar Gallactica (it’s the documentary of the future.  I take notes.) the power went out!!  Devastation.  With no A/C I started to die about five seconds after it stopped so I stuffed down the grease bread, guzzled myself into a sauv blanc induced coma and fell into a nudist slumber for a good three hours.  When I woke up, the power was still out, but as soon as I roamed the house for candles and a flashlight it came back on. Turns out, it wasn’t because of the storm, but because a transformer blew up a few blocks away!  Apparently the house caught on fire and it shut down the power in the whole neighborhood!  Sad.

Now, I have A/C, wifi, and BG back in my life.  I have no food because when I walked to Safeway there was a crowd outside like we had just missed Armageddon and eaten all of the supplies and the sales girl told us that they weren’t opening any time soon because they “had to get ready”.  No interpretation provided.  So, eventually I’ll find something to order I suppose.

They say another storm is coming.  Hopefully the power stays on.  Either way, it certainly has been an adventurous day at the Palace.

Hoping your power is just fine,



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  1. LiLu said, on 13 August 2010 at 6:14 am

    Funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Welcome to the District, darlin. Make sure you add your blog to the feed; it should be shared.

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