An American Girl in Washington

Beignets and conversation? Feels like NOLA

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 11 August 2010

Today was both exciting and a little bit terrifying.  I finally moved into my new house!  It’s so beautiful and spacious and really just remarkable.  My bedroom is on the Washington Monument side and I think the view is going to be really beautiful at night.  The library is stocked full of books I haven’t read, which will save me from abusing my Amazon Prime account and from having to find/walk to the library.  And the A/C unit in my room is mercifully strong, which is why I have been sitting on the chaise lounge reading Asimov all day.  Too hot to do anything else.

In a moment of frugality I had Subway for lunch.  Big mistake.  The DC Subways are without doubt the stingiest Subways on the planet.  Which is just as well since I discovered halfway through bar study that the bread (even the WHEAT!) is made mostly of high fructose corn syrup and since HFCS shoots straight to my blubbery trouble spot, I shouldn’t be eating there anyways.  Good riddance.  However, I made up for my cheap, stingy sandwich at dinner, when I dined at Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe.  O.M.G.  One look at the menu and I knew I would be hiring a personal trainer tomorrow.  Everything looked amazing and it was almost impossible to just choose one thing.  After living in Louisiana for two years I have developed a weakness for all things creole and the listings of crawfish, shrimp, and andouille made me wish I was that guy on Man vs. Food.  Not really though, since that show is exactly why people hate America.  But I digress.  The food.  Amazing.  I chose red beans and rice with andouille sausage.  Although listed as an appetizer, and therefore slightly less expensive, the serving was more than enough for one hungry girl.  It was perfection.  Beans and rice cooked perfectly, sausage just spicy enough, plenty of Tabasco.  Yum.

For dessert I just had to have my yummy chicory cafe au lait and homemade (HOMEMADE!) beignets.  One bite and I wanted to sing like Princess Tiana.  Especially since I’ll probably be waiting tables just like her pretty soon…  In fact, the only thing that brought a slight downer to the meal was that the owner Bardia, decided that the delivery of my cafe et beignets signaled the perfect time to sit down for a lengthy (and all too personal for my tastes) conversation about his life, divorce, and even finances.  Ummm… TMI much?  Don’t get me wrong, he’s absolutely lovely and cooks like he sold his soul to the devil but can a girl have a hot beignet?  Anyways, once I was finally able to sink my teeth into the doughy, sugary, calorie-filled deliciousness that is a N’awlins dessert, all past awkwardness was forgotten and I was filled with fried dough induced gratefulness.  I shall return.  Often.

After my meal I decided to walk it off with a trip to CVS for the last official step of DC citizenship:  I bought a SmarTrip card.  Yaay!  Now I too can flurry past the Metro gates without waiting for my card-stock pass to find its way through the tiny metal slits of touristdom.  No longer shall I hold up bus lines while begging my crumpled dollar to please, please go into the money receiver thingy.  I’m official!  Woohoo.  I’m so excited I may find an excuse to leave the house tomorrow.  Although, in this heat, probably not…

Oh!  Why was today terrifying?  Because once I had unpacked and looked around and settled, I realized: This is it.  I’m here.  I’m in.  Now what do I do?




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