An American Girl in Washington


Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 10 August 2010

Today I went to visit the house in Adams Morgan where I’ll be living for the coming months. It’s gorgeous and enormous and features a giant library where I foresee spending many, many glorious hours.  The lady who owns the house is absolutely lovely and incredibly kind to let me have the run of the place for the foreseeable future.  She is rarely in town and apparently always has a stowaway of some sort hidden here keeping a watch on the place while she travels continuously.  I’m absolutely thrilled and will surely be posting pictures and descriptions after I move in.

After the visit I was famished and headed up 18th street to Julia’s Empanadas. Wow.  I love empanadas and these $3.41 pockets of pastry goodness were to die for. I chose chorizo and was soon full of sausage and black bean heaven. It was hot and spicy and the pastry was just sweet enough to set off the meaty insides. Delish. I will definitely be eating at Julia’s more often.

For now, I’m back in CP packing and cooling in front of the A/C and trying not to think about life beyond tomorrow, when I’ll finally get to unpack and feel at home for a while. Yaay.


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