An American Girl in Washington

Luncheon and Death

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 9 August 2010

Today’s appointment (my only one) was a delightful lunch with an old friend (Yosh) and a new friend (we shall call him DD). We ate at Bistro Cacao on Mass Ave, one of the most comfortable and homey little cafes that I have been to in a long time. The decor reminded me less of Paris and more of my old theatre professor’s crowded Park Avenue apartment. Mismatched comfy chairs and faux vintage French posters decorated this rather oddly shaped eatery. But, fun and chintzy as the cafe was, it was the food that really made an impression.

While we were waiting we saw a million tantalizing dishes pass by. Burgers on a brioche bun, roasted tomato salad, mussels. It all looked amazing. Yosh recommended the steak salad but I had my eye on the shrimp so we each ordered one and shared. The shrimp was absolutely grilled to perfection, the greens were fresh and crispy and the mustard vinaigrette was flavorful and only lightly drizzles rather than drenched. The bread, of course, was divine.

The conversation matched the salads and the three of us happily spent an hour chatting about movies, finance stuff that I didn’t understand, and how much we all adore the city.

Post-luncheon, Yosh and DD returned to their centers of gainful (and very useful, as they both are engaged in remarkably important work) employment and I came home to my slightly less useful if perhaps more enjoyable Pushing Daisies marathon.

And thus, a Monday ends.

Ciao ciao!


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