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Happy Hour times deux and a little P.O.V.

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 7 August 2010

After our all-too-thrilling White House encounter yesterday, the friends and I needed serious alcoholic re-boosting.  Luckily, DC is happy hour heaven so we dropped our stuff in my room at the JDub and headed down the block to the M&S Grill (the low-end McCormick & Shmicks).  M&S Happy Hours are legendary nationwide and I was in serious need of as many $7 martinis as I could legally order.  The bar menu is also crazy cheap and after a $5 plate of mussels, fries, and a couple of pom martinis (that actually ended up being two each because the bar tender made a lot and they brought the shaker to the table!), I felt like a new woman.  And thank goodness, because next I had to meet a friend at the super crowded sculpture garden sangria happy hour.

I love the sculpture garden but I have never seen it filled with this many people!  It was serious. Thank God we ran into friends almost immediately who fortified us with a few glasses of sangria until we were strong enough to make it through the rest of the park.  We also ran into our photographer from earlier in the day.  He had been dispatched by the law school communications office to take pictures of MLaw people in DC and he took us around the park on our own little photo shoot!  JBJ, Toya, and I never say no to a photo shoot and it was super fun to run around the park taking pics by the sculptures.  Eventually we ran into my gorgeous friend Yosh and the five of us (+ 1 of Yosh’s friends) took several more pics (including what seemed an unnecessarily long session of him shooting close-ups of my face!  I couldn’t stop laughing!) before the photographer finally waved goodbye.

After Yosh and I had a happy reunion in which we arranged for my impending move to her couch, our trio headed back to the hotel and the glories of air conditioning.  We spent the rest of the evening sitting by the pool, reading and waiting for the kiddies to leave.  They didn’t.  We eventually did.  Then we checked our email in the lobby because four star hotels don’t have free internet but Holiday Inn Express does… and decided that it would be pathetic to spend a Friday night in DC in our hotel when we should be pretending to be the under 30s that we are.  After much protesting I was forced (FORCED!) out of my pjs and into makeup.  Refusing to put up too much effort, I threw on a maxi dress and some heavy eyeliner and we walked the 32 steps or so to the W.

O.M.G. I love the W.  The lounge downstairs could not have been more stylish (I love the modern-victorian-meets-club-scene decor) but JBJ and I decided to pretend we were British and queue up in the first line we saw just because it was there.  So glad we did.  After a decent but not obnoxiously long wait we were whisked up the elevator to Atrium, W’s rooftop club.  The view was gorgeous but the bar was crowded and we could barely move.  We decided to explore and just around the corner were heavy oak doors and three red letters “p.o.v.”.  We went in.  AAAHHHHH….  Lights dimmed, jazz swang, the bar sat open and practically begging us to order hand crafted drinks made of fresh squeezed juice and five (yes, FIVE) kinds of ice.  And the view was gorgeous.  Heaven.  JBJ and I ordered drinks ($14.30 for a g&t.  Toto, we’re not in Ann Arbor anymore) and a yummy chicken sandwich with chipotle mayo (yes, the kitchen is open late.  This may not be remarkable in DC, but coming from the boonies, eating late is a revelation) and talked and laughed and listened and people-watched until right before closing.  Good times.

JBJ left me today and pretty soon I’ll be all on my own.  I’m not sad though.  I have always loved this city and as we walked back from the W to the Jdub I realized that for the first time in my life I don’t have to feel so sad about leaving soon, because I’m not.  I’m here to stay.  LOVE.

AG in DC


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