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Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 6 August 2010

Could today have been better?  No, I think not.

I went to the White House!!  It was amazing.  After the requisite posing for photographs in the blazing sun (our photographer was cute though so I really can’t complain) and waiting in line at security as they took our IDs and did their security thang, we were in!  After seeing the WH through cast iron gates for so long, it was amazing to see it right in front of us, up close, with nothing in the way.  It really is the most beautiful home in America.

There were about 15 of us in the group and we were met by one of VJ’s assistants who I’ve actually met before and who always looks totally cute.  Today she had on navy blue cropped skinny khakis, a loose fitting white 3/4 sleeve shirt and a dark teal cardigan.  She was also sporting black leather woven ballet flats that looked suspiciously Cole Haan (I’m guessing that Bottega Veneta is a little outside of the aide-to-an-aide budget) and a gorgeous gold chain necklace with chunks of a teal stone that was more than turquoise but less than jade.  Ok, fine, my jewelry description skills could use some work.  But you get the picture.  Anyways, she led us down the lawn and into a door held open by a super yummy Marine.  Sigh.  The room inside was divine.  All crimson and cushions and lush, with gorgeous artwork on the walls.  As we headed to the Roosevelt room and deposited our electronics outside, I noticed an amazing four-part Norman Rockwell painting called “So You Want to See the President”.  It was incredible.  You can see it here.  Finally, we went in and took our seats at the table where the President and his senior staff meet every single day.

I won’t go into the details about the meeting but suffice it to say that, just like the last time we met, VJ was absolutely stylish (navy blue and teal tweed blazer over a white blouse, high waisted navy pencil skirt, big navy leather belt, gorgeous jewelry), kind, gracious, and brilliant.  She’s so smart it’s crazy and far more humble than she deserves to be.  I totally love her.  I also love her because when I told her that I just moved here two days ago and don’t have a job yet she said, “Well you moved here on Wednesday and are at the White House on Friday so I’d say you’re doing pretty well.”  I couldn’t agree more VJ!

After the meeting we spoke with two members of her staff, one of whom is without doubt the most handsome piece of deliciousness that I have seen in many a full moon.  Sadly, my friend Googled him and he’s married to an equally gorgeous woman.  Especially sad because he’s crazy smart too.  Oh well, c’est la vie.

Overall, today was an uh-mah-zing day, as Rachel Zoe would say.  I went to the White House.  And not on some lame-o tour but as an invited guest to sit in the Roosevelt Room with VfreakingJ!  It won’t be the last time, but as the first, it was absolutely thrilling.  I think I’ll sleep well tonight.

Sweet dreams in the capitol!

AG in DC

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