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1600 Pennsylvania and Me

Posted in Uncategorized by AGinDC on 6 August 2010

Today is going to be a banner day pour moi.  Due to a long and not-the-most-interesting story, after VJ graciously attended an event I planned at my law school graduation she decided to return the favour by inviting me and a group of friends from law school to the White House today!  Colour me thrilled.  Under normal administrations this would be an incredible honour but under the Obama Admin this is both the greatest thrill of my life and not so unusual since Mrs. O has truly turned the White House into “America’s House” and nearly everyone at some time or another will probably be given an invite.  And for that I her even more than I usually do.

I am also crazy excited because we get to meet in the Roosevelt Room, home of a hilarious moment in Sam’s life on the West Wing as well as the room where a million and one nation-changing conversations have taken place and decisions have been made.  I’m such a geek.  Does it show?

Michelle's House

The big question of the day, of course, is what to wear?  I have been discussing my friends’ wardrobes for weeks but in usual fashion I didn’t find anything for myself until last night.  However, I think I have found an outfit that is both lightweight (#1 issue in DC in August), professional with personality, and just a little Mrs. O inspired.  I also decided against straightening my hair because, let’s face it, in this weather I would look like Beyonce’s weave going into the White House and Tyra’s weave coming out.  I’ll post pics as soon as the photographer gets them to us, which, judging from the fact that I still don’t have the pics from the first time I met VJ, means that it will be sometime around Christmas.

I’m so excited that I’m going to the White House on my second full day in DC.  This has to bode well for the future, yes?

Also, I missed Real Housewives last night!!!!  The JW Marriott is divine in many ways but I will never forgive them for not having Bravo!  I’m heading to the website maintenant to watch it online.  Sigh.

Excited, thrilled and overwhelmed,

AG in DC

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